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Continued Research on the Meat Industry

As I continue with my research on the meat industry and it’s effects on the environment, I went to EBSCO to find some more information. What I found is that grazing and cropland all of which is dedicated to producing food for livestock to eat takes up 3.4 billion hectares (or 8,401,582,969.884 acres) which is 26% of the ice-free global land […]

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The Meat Industry and the Environment

As most people know, climate change is a very important issue that needs to be addressed. Having heard about movies such as “Food Inc.” and “Cowspiracy” I was curious as to how the meat industry truly affects the environment. I found some really shocking numbers and information on Gale. The meatpacking industry first was brought into the world view by Upton […]

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The Rwandan Genocide

  I’m hoping to do my research paper on whether or not the Rwandan Genocide was an isolated incident or a part of a worldwide trend. So far I haven’t found much specific info about my question and have been doing mostly background research on statistics of the genocide, the history of it, and the aftermath Research Before the genocide […]

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Capital Punishment in the U.S.

Over the years death penalty has become a hot topic in politics. Capital punishment was widely accepted when it first came to North America in 1608. However, over time it has become increasingly controversial and many have called for Capital Punishment to be made illegal. People who are against Capital Punishment argue that it is immoral and unconstitutional. The constitution states […]

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Gun Violence

  Whether you consider yourself liberal, conservative, or moderate, we can all agree that gun violence has become a pressing issue in our country and world today. According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, every year 111,000 people on average are shot due to gun violence. This number is simply unacceptable, so how do we fix it? I […]

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You’ll dolphinitely want to read this!

Ever since I saw The Little Mermaid I wondered if mermaids could be real. I decided to do some research to see whether or not we could have some hunanlike friends in the ocean. Here’s what I found: Unfortunately, mermaids could not be real. Four reasons are set up by Deep Sea News as to why they couldn’t exist. The first […]

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