• This is a very interesting post Andrew, I really enjoy how concise the paragraph was. I must also say this adds on to my research of technology, this is just proof that technology is expanding rapidly. I also enjoyed how you interacted with your readers when you paused and tried to make a humorous comment in your paragraph. I hope to read more…[Read more]

  • This is an interesting post, you did a very good job siting your sources and letting everyone know your research topic. I am also researching this similar but specifically the mental aspect of this topic. And to be specific further I am researching emotions and what technology affects them and what could happen if technology continues to grow. If…[Read more]

  • How will the world react when there is further increase of people that live their lives in autopilot? Autopilot being a state at which one does not see their surroundings, when one makes choices subconsciously

    • Good job Miguel!
      Well done for sure, and you seem to be very interested and headed in the right direction. I enjoy the subject so I’m excited to see what you say at the end of your research.
      In your quest for determining what are emotions, consider that everything “we” as humans feel is a chemical reaction in the body. Emotions are a quantifiable chemical reaction that exists in the body. Whether or not we have quantified all emotions does not mean they are “unquantifiable” (apparently this isn’t a word). That is factual, but the reason as to why we have emotions is speculation. I believe most biologists and academics would say that emotions were developed because they help individual make decisions that continue the success of the whole group rather than just the individual. Interesting stuff… I won’t bore you.
      In regards to your research question, I think that technology has in a sense, numbed our knowledge and emotions, but it has also made them stronger and more vibrant than ever. People today struggle to travel without GPS and are not good at noticing subtle differences compared to previous generations. But, science and scientific understanding has been progressing exponentially. Today there is more passionate and diverse music than ever, even if the only stuff you hear on the radio is american Pop music.
      Here is a video I recommend you watch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD0x7ho_IYc), it gives a unique perspective about technology. I used to believe that technology, while making science better, made society and humans worse, but through lots of exploration, I believe the opposite now.
      I’m excited to see what you learn and what you conclude.

    • Dear Miguel, I am very interested on you post of emotions. You showed me something that I didn’t know about emotions, you showed me that emotions contribute to our well being, our moral behavior, and motivates us to progress. You also showed me that emotions helped us progress on changing the world from survival to adaption. The last thing you have showed me and that I have learned, is that our emotions are passed down by out ancestors. This was a great post Miguel I learned a lot about emotions, and I hope you keep posting these kinds of posts.

  • Emotions are a significant fundamental part of humanity. With them we have created societies and progressed forward through the course of history. But what happens when we begin to feel less and less daily?


    • Dear Miguel,

      Your writing was really engaging and I liked that you were questioning me, as the reader, to think about our daily activities with cellphones. Although I do not have an answer for how people may emulate their emotions in the future, people may need to re-define what an emotion is. For starters people decades from now may need to compare what is considered to be an authentic emotions versus an artificial one. Moreover, I do believe that people, do more often now than previously is, go into autopilot.

  • Finally someone is willing to do the research on the affects video games can cause. I’ve been trying to convince others why it could be good but sometimes I forget about the prolonged sitting which is bad. I really enjoyed reading this and the article, I think you did a great job.


    We are in the season of being with family and friends, to share stories about our past and our future. Yet we sometimes feel unsatisfied with what we have and focus on what we want.

    There is nothing wrong

    • I couldn’t agree more with this article. Interesting choice of picture. Why did you choose it? Do you think technology has a lot to do with our lack of communication with others?

    • With new technology and distractions surrounding us everyday, it is critical to take advantage of the holiday season to spend time with family. I loved the anecdote about the Santa guy. What a heart warming story! It almost gives you hope in humanity.

    • After going through a pretty rough day of finals–or at least what I’d describe as “rough”, I really am touched by your decision to write this. It is really refreshing to go through this website and be reminded of the good in the world, and how I need to be a part of it more. I definitely agree with what you said, and will keep it in my heart within the next few days. THank you.

    • Hi Miguel,

      This was a great piece. I completely agree with you. I am starting a piece on kindness for my lit class. I strongly believe that kindness is the way to a good life. People so often get distracted by their wants and their technology. Putting that aside and helping one another, even as simple as making someone smile, can change people’s lives. The santa story was incredibly touching and I appreciate you including it. Well done!


    • You are completely right on the fact that it is the time of year where everyone is in the giving mood. I am with you that people need to focus more on the feelings that they give out to people not just the objects. I am sure it would make someone happy if you went out and bought them an iphone or something but it would feel so much better to take a homeless man out to get food or going to the hospital and spend time trying to give others hope and happiness even when there is none left. It is the time that we give out to others and the fact that we are not looking for anything in return that means the most.

    • Dear Miguel, you are totally right. As you said we spend so much time focusing on what we want on what we don’t have, that we don’t realize what’s right in front of us. Your story in your post is really moving. People do take for granted the things they have right in front of them, a lot people do that and i will be honest sometimes I take for granted of what’s in front of me and then later realize what I have is amazing. Now I will spend my time more with the people that love me and not take them for granted. This was a great and inspiring post, I hope you keep posting more things like this one.

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    I completely agree with you and I love your post. It has so much truth to it especially for me since I live so far away from my school. I hardly ever get enough sleep and I feel a lot of these symptoms throughout my day and I dread being at school. And driving back home is also a pain because I need to be alert and not drowsy because then I become…[Read more]

  • This book sounds like a really good book, it sounds like a very inspirational book that could probably lead many to do great things. I might have to read this book just to feel this type of inspiration, to work hard to achieve the “impossible.”

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    I really found it interesting how you related to it to modern teenagers, which makes it more intriguing to read this interesting story.

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    I really appreciate the information provided and it really feels like you did your research.

  • According the article written on procon.org there has been around 1,436 executions from 1977 to May 2016. The death penalty is used to punishment mostly for murderers, but also for capital punishments such as

  • In our Declaration of Independence it was stated “all men are equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Alt

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