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    This is exactly how I felt about the article as well. It’s very stereotypical.

  • “The Incredible Reason You Might Start Seeing Everywhere” is a really positive article in such a difficult time. I think it is a great idea for ANYONE to be able to wear these pins, no matter if your woman, bla

    • In my opinion, everyone should come together and stick with the “safety pin method” everyone. Not just one race. Everyone should be able to come together for what’s right instead of trying to single people out if there’s more people, there’s more power.

    • I agree with you that its dumb to tell white people not to wear the safety pin. I think people should support minorities and bring this issues to attention.

    • I agree about every white person being stereotyped as a trump supporter being something to disagree with, I foiund it stereotypical too.

    • I read the Huffington Post article. I think the author has a point. Looking at voters overall, it was white people who elected Donald Trump. Now everyone can wear a safety pin, but if you look at the way many people generalize minorities into stereotypes, its fair that we get put into one group. Also, many white people voted for Donald Trump, thats a fact. So instead of marking ourselves with a pin, we should actually make a difference next time and not elect Trump or someone like him.

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