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    The Coming Break

    As the winter break is soon approaching high school students are stressing for their finals week. There are many ways that students are handling the stress. These include but are not limited to “Avoid junk food and excessive caffeine,...

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    • Dear Mang,

      I first just want to comment on the awesome picture you choose for this post! It really grabbed my attention with sun rays seeping through the window in the middle of a classroom. I also agree that finals this year have been vastly more stress-inducing for students as we are also stressing about staying safe from COVID. I like how you mentioned ways of managing and maintaining stress levels and things to stay away from to help optimize a placid mindset when going through these exams.

      I really like how you included ways that helped you succeed through finials last year. This message is very inspirational as we are about to have long nights studying for exams. Essentially, just trying to cram as much information as we can before taking the finals. I hope semester finials go extremely well for you this year and best wishes to you.

  • Dear Arooj,

    I really liked your article and of how you brought about the animal test subjects having emotions. Testing on animals may or may not be morally justified but I do think that testing on animals is a necessary cause. I think this because, lets say for example there’s a medicine the researchers are testing on animals that could…Read More

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The Coming Break

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