• Purpose, is what most of us strive for. To not have a purpose in life, is almost equivalent to not living at all in our society. However, our purposes in life are always fluctuating, and some answers to our

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    Living in Salt Lake City Utah, I know all too well the degree of the issue of air pollution within communities as well as worldwide. The issue with air pollution is that it extends past any “borders”, pollution is an issue that is not bound to any one place, but rather is a collective issue in our world. To combat this issue I think would…[Read more]

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    Sophie, I thought this was a very compelling post. I really enjoyed how you addressed both sides of this topic giving explanations for both points of view. I think we can all appreciate this topic, because many of us have pets that we would consider a part of our family. I know that coming home and having my dog greet me is one of the best parts…[Read more]

  • When you meet someone new, you tend to analyze them, and whether or not you come to a conclusion about that person right away, we can’t help to pass some judgements or even to observe them. However, it’s also true

    • Mason,
      I found your topic very interesting because it is inevitable that we pass judgements onto others. We can’t avoid this which makes it very difficult to change our perceptions of others after first impressions. The analogy with someone cutting you off to get to the hospital was interesting because there would be no way of knowing what their intent was when cutting you off, and perhaps if you knew the reason, you wouldn’t be as angry. https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/first-impressions This article described different ways people make first impressions and how to improve your chances of making a good first impression. I hope to hear more about what you think of the article and how you think we could change this judgement first world we live in.

  • Moiranda, I just took your survey, I really like how you are using this project as an opportunity to do some research of your own, that you can then compare to the research that others have done. It will be a really interesting way to portray this issue. I am very interested to see what the results of your survey will be, and look forward to…[Read more]

  • Dear Javier, I really like that you chose to address a topic that effects your own community. This sentence stood out to me, “I chose this topic because I personally know a lot of people who are poor in Oakland to whom I am friends with”, I really liked that you mentioned this because It’s important, and especially impactful to talk about the…[Read more]

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