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  • Dear Liliana
    I like this topic a lot and how you explained things were great. Yes this BLM movement was here back in 2016 and shut down not until 2020 with Gorge Floyd. In this situation, with Gorge Floyd, I liked about because you said that he was killed on the street by police and that’s when America opened their eyes and started to spread…Read More

  • Morgan commented on the post, High School Stress

    I agree with your statement stress is not good for your body. For mental stress can really be hurtful and can make your days longer. I like how you mention that stress can make your body hurt as well. Yes to help you from stressing you should sleep more and get good rest. Stress can intervene with the school which results in failing classes. I…Read More

  • I really enjoyed reading this I like how you describe mental health and what it does and how important it is to someone. The stat 10 to 15 percent of athletes at the college level suffer through this mental health issue surprises me. The number of college athletes is big across the nation so that percentage is pretty high. I like how you give…Read More

  • Morgan wrote a new post

    Champions League

    The Champions League is one of the most-watched tournaments in the world big teams, like real: Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool play. An incident just happened a ref called a player ¨black¨ and he got very offended by it. Both...

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    • Hey Morgan, I find your article very interesting! This situation is crazy, watching the game would be crazy. I would like to know what happened after that game, Did they ever talk about the situation, Did the ref get fired? i will be looking forward to your update, Thank you!

      -Cindy Reynosa

    • Dear Morgan:

      I am interested in your post because I watch the Champions League and I’m a big soccer fan. I also heard about this when it happened, and I was surprised by it.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The teams and players want people to know that racial discrimination should not be allowed in FIFA or in around the world.” I think this is great because it’s setting a good example for racial issues in the future. I am glad that you are writing about this and I’m also glad that the players took a stand to this.

      I agree with you that racism has no place in soccer. One reason I say this is because soccer should not be a game of racial bias. Another reason I agree with you is that I’m pleased that you took an interest in this, like I have.

      I thought you might be interested in this because it gives more information about the incident.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I liked this post, and I hope you write something like this in the future. I also want to know if there are any other incidents like this happening elsewhere.

    • Hey Morgan, I found this article pretty dope. The situation currently happening is insane and watching it would be pretty amazing. I would like to know who scored and how many fouls there were throughout the game. Was there any biased fouls throughout the game Morgan?
      One Sentence that stands out to me is when you said, ” An incident just happened a ref called a player ¨black¨ and he got very offended by it.” This can be very sensitive for the player because of 2020 and what has been going on. Racial inequality has been a major event throughout the year.
      I totally agree with you that racism should not exist in soccer or in any other sport. I believe and stand with what your saying. Thank you for this informative article and such a movement can be created so there won’t be racism throughout any sport.


  • Dear Gerardo, I like what you wrote about this topic because people should know about guns in America. Guns can be used in a good way to protect yourself and others around you. If you have a gun you should be very responsible with it. I agree that we should put more gun control laws as well. Guns in America are a very big thing as we all know of…Read More

  • I agree with you the dream of an American is freedom and endless choices. I like that quote “It’s not about where you come from, it’s about where you are going”.I like how you mention that every American has a dream coming here. America is a place where people’s freedoms become true or their dreams.I agree with you on this about great America.

  • Martin Luther King is an important person to African Americans which he fought for their rights and equality against white Americans. He has impacted so many lives and continues to do that even tho he is gone he will forever be remembered for his bravery. He even has a day dedicated to him so people can remember what he did for the black community.

  • Morgan wrote a new post

    California Wildfires

    All over California right now are a lot of fires. These firefighters are fighting for their lives and other people's lives as well. These fires have gotten really dangerous to the point where people are evacuating their homes. The...

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  • Dear Ashley, I like this topic about teens should get a raise. There are teenagers that are not getting paid enough as other w.orkers are. These teens need a raise now because there are things in their life that they must pay as well. They also need to help their families you never know if they are poor that’s why they are working. They are young…Read More

  • Dear Gabriel, I like this topic because this topic needs to be talked about all over the world. Human trafficking happens to a lot of people around the world. They get kidnapped and trafficked across the globe and never to return to there familyThese decisions take over your mental health because you have problems as well in your life which leads…Read More

  • Seven months have passed and the whole world is in quarantine. The world is in quarantine because of a sickness called COVID-19. We have been missing on interactions with other people for months now. A vaccine for this sickness could possibly take decades. To make this vaccine you will need a lot of tools and a lot of research. A vaccine for this…Read More

  • Dear Jabril I like how you have fun while your in quarantine.I like how you do school work and still focus on school.Also like how you said that you did anything you couldn’t do assignments.You been playing games and watching movies for quarantine.I hope your safe during these hard times and I like what you are doing.

  • Morgan commented on the post, Running

    Dear Inez, I think the way you describe running is really interesting.You use running to find a place you want but there isn’t any.I like how you use zombies just so you have a reason to run and keep going.The ay you run is a very unique way you imagine zombies so you can push yourself even further than you would expect yourself to run.

  • Dear Omar,

  • Athletes are always getting injured.Injuries in practice are important because they are 62% in youth.There is a graph shown in the article that shows that a lot of youth that play sports get injured.They argued that males are more likely to get injured.These injuries are very important and should be taken seriously.



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