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Pioneer Research: How Technology Is Affecting Our Health

Going into deeper context on my research paper about how technology is affecting our health. How is it affecting children? Well, us people develop our social skills at an early age according to “Factors affecting the impact of social interaction skills interventions in early childhood…” on the research resource Pioneer. But does technology affect children socially at a young age? […]

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Gale Research: How Technology is Affecting our Health

Technology is affecting our mental and physical health. From affecting our social “interactions” to affecting our bodies physically.  There are many benefits to having technology. For instance, communication. But when us humans are socializing in public, our skills lack face-to-face communication are decreasing. Also, our physical health is affected from our vision to our posture. With our mental health, we […]

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How Technology Affects our Health: Mentally and Physically

Technology is a very wonderful thing. It can connect us to others, give us information and give us a certain calm feeling. But too much of something is not always a good thing. This is because we are spending more time than ever glued to our screens. The point is that it is taking a huge toll on our health. […]

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Border Security… ISIS 8 Miles Away

In America, protecting the borders is essential to our homeland security. Freedom has been taken advantage of over the past years and with Trump being president, all of that will change. Controlling what comes in and out of the U.S. is not just an immigration issue, it is a security issue and an economic issue. For example, the Judicial Watch […]

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Are the Common Core Standards Good for Education in America?

Currently, common core standards in America are handled poorly right now. With us Americans not putting “education first,” we are ranked 28th in the world. This is bad because it shows how we do not put education as a high standard. So much money is being spent on our education system and it is being spent way more than many […]

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Is Political Correctness Killing America?

Politics is killing our society as a whole. The powerful tool of freedom of speech has been a powerful tool to intimidation. Even though Republicans believe of making America superior compared to other countries, Democrats believe to establish conformity and mediocrity for our country as a whole. With these two perspectives, many Americans have not come into consideration of agreeing. […]

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