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  • I think conspiracy theories are so interesting! I can’t wait to see what you find because I would be very interested in reading all about it!

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    Technology is a very wonderful thing. It can connect us to others, give us information and give us a certain calm feeling. But too much of something is not always a good thing. This is because we are spending more

    How Technology Affects our Health: Mentally and Physically

    Technology is a very wonderful thing. It can connect us to others, give us information and give us a certain calm feeling. But too much of something is not always a good thing. This is because we are spending...

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    • Great post! Very interesting. We use our phones so much and are constantly on them. It’s scary and interesting that there are actual withdrawal problems when we aren’t on our phones. Makes me want to put down my post.

    • Hi Montana, This was really interesting to read. I’ve heard about the “texting claw” and I’ve heard about the spine issues. I have never heard that if you lean your ha forward to look at your phone you are putting 60 pounds of stress on your neck. That’s crazy! reading this made me want to limit my phone use. Thank you, now I’m more aware of the health risks that are easily preventable.

    • Montana, I like the statistics and facts you put into this article. I wish the article was a little bit longer and more detailed. If you expand on this, I would like to know the long-term affects of technology on our body and brain. Also, I would like to hear more about how it affects mental health: can it cause depression? anxiety? any other disorders? Also, how can technology HELP our physical and mental being? Overall, great facts, and great article!

    • Montana, this is a really interesting and informative post. It’s very relatable to our world today. Almost everybody in our country owns a smartphone or technology of some sort, which makes this is a hot topic of discussion. There are millions of articles published about the impacts of technology and social media on the human brain and body. Sometimes though, they mostly focus on the negative impacts and they don’t focus on the positive or how we can prevent these negative problems from happening. One thing that I am curious about is whether or not people will adapt to this new technological age.

    • Montana-
      I think this is a fascinating topic with many different studies similar to what you are researching. I found your facts about scrolling harming our spinal cords very interesting. While you included information about ‘addiction’ to our phones and loss of sleep, I think it would be beneficial for you to look up possible increases in anxiety,depression, and narcisitic personality disorders since social media/cell phones came around. This article by goes into detail on these subjects i hope you are able to find this helpful.

    • This is very interesting commentary, Montana. We use our phones and other technology all of the time but in general are not thinking about the damage that it can be doing on both our bodies and our minds. I found it especially interesting when you mentioned that when we put our heads down 60 degrees it is like putting 60 ponds of force on our necks. I’ll have to think about that in the future. I have also read about how people can develop “distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression” from too much use of technology ( I highly recommend that you take a look at this article, as it gives a very good explanation of the effect technology has on us. I will look forward to seeing more of your writing in the future.

    • Montana, I find your research very interesting, especially the medical proof behind your claim. It is obvious that technology has certain benefits on our mental health with the amount of information we can learn online, but I agree that there are many different issues that arise with this. I have never heard of any of the facts you used about the effect technology has on us physically, especially the part about a male’s reproductive system. How interesting! The “texting claw” can also be known as carpal tunnel, a syndrome in which the hand and arm muscles experience numbness, tingling, and stiffness as a possible result of repetitive movement within the hand and arms. More specifically, the thumb can be effected greatly because the thumb is used the most when texting, and also typing as well. In fact, I think everyone has been given a glimpse of this feeling when their thumbs feel sore or stiff after typing or texting for extended periods of time. The effect on the body is especially interesting because of how it can alter our overall mental health as well, as a result of the strain on the body. You did a great job supporting your claim as well as grabbing your audiences attention, leaving us to want to know more about this topic.

    • Montana,
      While many things were surprising to me while reading this post, you’ve also included points that I’ve recognized but never acknowledged, such as teenagers’ proneness to smartphone addiction. The physical harm presented to people of all ages while using technology is a completely new idea to me. I was interested in other potential risks regarding people experiencing negative physical side affects due to the use of technology, and found a few articles acknowledging the link to depression, obesity and isolation in teens (check out ). It seems like our parents, teachers and bosses are constantly warning us on the “dangers of technology in millennials”, but educating kids and young adults on the proven risks of technology as you are doing here is essential.

    • Hi Montana, interesting post, however I think adding some more sources and concrete information would greatly help your argument. There seems to be a lot you could expand on. The sentence “New York spine surgeon Kenneth Hansraj found that if you tip your head 60 degrees to stare at your phone, you are putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck.” is really intriguing but there is really no follow up or general support to this claim. This discussion has a lot of room to grow and expand with further research.

      Here’s a site you could check out to possibly support your arguments:

      Thanks for the write up. Nice Post.


    • Hi Montana!
      I find your topic really interesting, especially since it’s been coming up in the news so much. I definitely see a lot of potential within this topic. What are the long term effects? Is there a difference in affect between those who grew up with this technology like millennials and those who didn’t (baby boomers)? I didn’t know that that much force was being put on our necks when we tilt them. That’s insane!
      I’d love to also see how we can combat these negative effects and if there are any positive effects of our technology on health. I really look forward to reading more from you!

    • Hi Montana, I think your topic is very interesting, and I do think you bring up a valid point. Being on your phone, and technology has put a major strain on mental and physical health. I know from myself, that I suffer from withdrawals from my phone, and have often times choose to stay on my phone rather than getting exercise, or working on my mental health. I wish this article was a little bit longer, but I think the statistics you put in your article are very insightful and correct. I found this article about how the overuse of technology is affecting our mental health - while I do agree that it is affecting our health, technology has allowed for a bunch of advantages, and I wonder if there has been any benefits to out health. I hope to read more about this!

  • Hello Martin,
    I am so shocked that people do drugs on school grounds, but it is true and almost every school has to deal with it. I honestly don’t understand why teens think it is a good idea to bring it on school grounds. I believe school should be a safe environment for everyone and should not have any bad influences. It might be almost…Read More

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    Hi Naomi,
    I am very glad that you have spoken about the microbeads issue. I for one use to drink out of plastic water bottles and I am ashamed of it because I know it is bad for our planet. For me, I love clean filtered water, so I now have a water bottle that filters water every time I drink. Overall, I am very saddened about this pollution deal…Read More

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    Montana wrote a new post

    In America, protecting the borders is essential to our homeland security. Freedom has been taken advantage of over the past years and with Trump being president, all of that will change. Controlling what comes in

    Border Security... ISIS 8 Miles Away

    In America, protecting the borders is essential to our homeland security. Freedom has been taken advantage of over the past years and with Trump being president, all of that will change. Controlling what comes in and out of the...

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    • I think this is an interesting article that you have written here, but I have a few problems with it. You talk a lot about how Trump is going to change everything, and how the past leaders of our country haven’t done much for immigration. I just wanna ask, ‘if Trump builds the wall, what’s to still stop people from trying to get over?’ Also you say, “But there is also immigrants in America that are illegal and undocumented- which is not helping our economy by any means.” So are undocumented immigrants just sitting around (clarify this point)? I would argue that many undocumented immigrants do work and have trouble gaining citizenship causing them to stay in hiding.

    • I absolutely agree that illegal immigration is a serious problem in the U.S., and immigrants should not be able to gain entry to the U.S. as easily as they do. Border security must be tighter, but a wall may not be the best solution to the problem. Most immigrants come to the U.S. by air, and the process to immigrate is far too tedious than it should be.

    • We definitely need to monitor what comes in and out of our borders because we don’t know which outsiders are coming in as threats. Europe, particularly in France, is facing the problem of terrorist attacks because of letting any outsiders travel freely without close monitoring.

    • I agree that illegal immigration is a big problem because if a lot of illegal people enter the country a few problems would occur like crime rates would eventually go up and the economy would be unbalanced.

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