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  • Dear Ashley:

    I am impressed by the topic you wrote about because this type of topic is not discussed much as teenagers can have harder lives than others and that kind of raise in their wages can help boost their motives to become better. Adults might not think it is a serious topic regarding wages because they think they are too young but why…Read More

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    The crimes against humanity are the greatest and the most momental events in history as the era of the Nazi's as 27 years ago there was one of the most infamous Nazi leaders was brought to trial. In the...

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  • Monserrat commented on the post, Is college worth it?

    Dear Zhelanea,

    I am intrigued with your post, “Is college worth it?”, because of how you describe the benefits you have in having a college degree and what risks you can be facing without one. I think you made a good point about how not working hard in gaining the college degree can cost you to be unemployed.

    One sentence you wrote stood…Read More

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    How Much Freedom Do We Actually Have?

    In the article, "Is Freedom in Trouble?" concerns about freedom has struck every nation into actually looking into the amount of freedom everyone has. Studies have shown that "in 71 countries political rights and civil liberties have declined". Due...

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  • Dear Nicolette,

    I am intrigued about your post “Covid-19 cases rising among US children as schools reopen” because with this new virus hitting the world like a bus, we restart the way of living and how we treated our surrounds. As our world consists of normalizing masks and online learning, that puts pressed on our parents and our t…Read More

  • Monserrat commented on the post, Bad things

    Dear Samantha,

    I am intrigued by your post, “Bad Things”, because our parents are the ones who are our role models and our guide of how we live life, but your post shines light on how some parents are not ideal and start to show their children paths that are dark. They are supposed to be the light in the darkness, they are not supposed to be…Read More

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    What will life be like after COVID-19?

    After COVID-19 hit the world unexpectedly, all activities, sports, news, and education was quickly put on pause. This virus will without a doubt put a mark on our history, as people around the world are attempting to put their...

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    • Dear Monserrat,
      I am well informed about your post, “What will life be like after COVID-19?” because I understand that we find ourselves in an awkward situation due to COVID-19. And honestly, it is really hard to tell what the new normal will be, with a lot of news coming out daily. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Online schooling can be boring as we stay home all day but in doing so we are maintaining our health and not going out putting our lives at risk.” I think this is well said because I know most of us do not like this ‘new’ lifestyle, but if this is what it’s going to take for us to stay safe, most of us are willing to live this way. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because we are currently living in this life-changing event and you spoke very well on this topic.

    • I enjoyed reading your post, which provides a refresher about how covid-19 impacted nearly everything we do. We now find ourselves in a weird in between of being shut down and being back to normal. With the speculation surrounding what life will look like in the future when this is over is really anyone’s guess. What I think will happen is once a vaccine is widely adopted, we will be getting back to a semblance of life we once enjoyed in March and February. here is an article I enjoyed reading which provided me some insight on what is needed to return to normal

    • Monserrat,
      Like you said, our “new norm” is something we have to accept and adapt to as the unpredictability of this virus and its effect make it difficult to see a future of going back to the way things were. I think something that every student can relate to is the struggles of online school. The disappoints we’ve all faced have been something we never would’ve expected, but what matters most is the way in which we respond to these disappointments. We can either hang our heads or hold them high and look for the silver linings in every aspect of our new normal.

    • This is what everyone is asking. However, first we need to end this. In order to do this, we will have to maintain social distancing and everyone needs to wear a mask constantly and wash their hands. This can all be over if we follow the proper rules and restrictions. Once this happens, I think that everyone will still have a fear of the pandemic and spreading germs. People will still be wearing masks, and people will be more cautious of spreading germs. This pandemic will really change our world and the way we live. I think that it will be a while before things are fully back to normal. Hopefully, school will go back full time. Our world has changed due to the effects of COVID-19. Here is an article about how COVID-19 will play out in 2021.

    • This is a very powerful post because it reminds the reader of just how many tragedies that have occurred due to the outbreak. As you said, although online school can be boring, it is necessary. Although this is true, it needs to be more than that. We have to come together as a nation and as a people to be better. We need to be wearing masks everywhere that we go, we need to be cautious of who we are around, and we need to live as healthy as we possibly can. We need to continue this lifestyle until an effective vaccine is created.

    • Dear monserrat,

      I am intrigued by your post because one thing you said that stands out for me is “ keeping your distance around those who you have no contact with “ I think it’s interesting because I interpreted this as those who have been affect by the social distance physically and mentally. Those who thrive of social connection and socializing has been affected by not being able to hangout with friends , certain family members or simply be out there socializing . Overall covid has affected the world in deep painful ways each valid reasons .
      Your post reminds me of something that happened , while being in distance it has made me realize that things are moving much faster and evolving especially people and it has affected the way everyone communicates and yearn for those connections but we also have to understand that everyone is just trying to adapt to this new reality.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. I look forward to seeing what you write in the near future .

      Stay safe and keep the distance

    • hello Montserrat, I found your topic interesting since we do not know what will happen in the future, going back to our normal lifestyles as in the beginning, how this will mark our world history and we are living in it.

    • Dear Monserrat,
      I am kind of sad by your post What will life be like after Covid-19 because it sucks to say that the new norm wearing a mask and being away from people. I also feel sad about this post because as I am a high school student being home all day does suck but it is helping reduce the spread however I also wonder how life after this pandemic will be like. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is ¨This virus will without a doubt put a mark on our history, as people around the world are attempting to put their lives back on track; as well as companies, manufacturers, businesses, and well the world. ¨I think this is true this will make history and it will be told in the future. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write next because these are interesting topics to be informed about.

    • Dear Monserrat,

      I am fascinated by your post because one thing you said that catched my attention was “ keeping your distance around those who you have no contact with, keeping sanitizer close after touching something. “ This post is like a reminder to everyone to keep a safe distance and to always sanitize things before touching them and to also prevent more sickness by the virus. We all need to be safe and careful when coming out of homes and not forget our masks. In total covid has affected the world in deep painful ways and is giving tremendous depression to mostly everyone by staying home for a long time that isn’t normal fos us. We all want to go out and live the life and enjoy sights but we have to stay home to end the virus that way if we obey to stay home the virus will be gone as quickly as possible. Then we will all get our lives back on track.

      Thank you Monserrat for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write in the near future .

      Be careful and Don’t forget to wear your mask!!

  • Dear Kaitlyn,

    the topic that you wrote about has caught my attention as I also believe that nutrition for the younger generations is vital for growth in population and lives. The lack of education on nutrition negatively affects the following the growing generations as they are not fully aware of what endangers their livelihoods. I also agree…Read More

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    Another Attack?

    In the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, an event that no one ever thought that was going to happen took place. COVID-19 has placed all the world in a 7 month quarantine, wondering when this year...

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    • Dear Monserrat

      I agree, that these are hard times we live in, and that nobody saw this crisis coming. Personally, I was just looking at 2020 to be a New year/Decade, where I pull my act together, do what needs to be done so I can have a perfect life. Until Quarantine happened, and to me it was like life has fallen into a dark hole. I also agree that the world was not prepared for this crisis to happen, and that many people did not believe it was true, and did not listen to stay inside, practice social distancing, and to wear a mask. For me personally it affected me, but not in a huge way, like my workouts are different, having to reschedule appointments etc, and school. Yet with nowadays the Air Quality getting worse, in the Central Valley due to fires, Many of my plans have been cancelled, and my workouts took another hit. All in all I do agree that the world was not prepared for this, but we can be.

  • Monserrat commented on the post, Critics

    Dear Jenifer,

    I am impressed with your post “Critics” because it society has come up with what a person must look like and if they find something that they do not like or understand, they start to criticize that person for who they are. It does not matter to those doing the criticizing because they see it like just sharing their opinion but…Read More

  • Dear Maria,

    I am so interested by your post, “The Consequence of my mother being addicted?”, because it speaks what the daily lives of people that go through that on a daily basis. The environment of being around someone who is an addict can be so harmful in so many different ways that can affect minors.

    One phrase that had caught my…Read More

  • The way “The Walking Forest” is written from the point of view of the girl wishing to be more curious and explore the forest’s secrets. As in the text says “But when she reaches out to touch it, the forest vanishes”, I think it is referring to the name of the text as it mentions “Walking”. Relating to how the forest can be a sort of illusion made…Read More



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