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  • Dear Cristian:

    I am impressed by your post, “Do fast-food ads make you hungry?”, because it is interesting that the food ads are made to get more money and eventually gets the customers hungry. Ads that are worked into the TV systems can be used to help the artists or help companies bring in more money, like using Travis Scott to sell a bur…Read More

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    Video Game Impacts

    In the article, "War Games" it mentions that in Afghanistan that is widely known for a country that has a never ending war life, has become an environment that kids find playing war games as a distraction. It is...

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    • Dear Monserrat, I’m really interested in your post, and how you correlated real life with video games (I thought that was cool). To answer your question from the article, what I find to be comforting in chaotic situations would be video games. I believe video games to be used as something to escape from reality, For example you can use it as something to forget all your problems for a brief amount of time or to just have fun. Now the reason why I like video games even though It can make me angry and frustrated is because it provides a challenge on my thinking skills, my reaction speed, and even my memory depending on what game I’m playing of course. All in all I just really liked your post and It grabbed my attention when I read video games.

      • Nicely stated Caleb, I agree with al of the above. Just as with other things, there are stereotypes people have about gaming. Great topic Monserrat!

  • Dear Yamile:

    I am impressed with your post “Should We Ban Plastic Straws?”, because it is impressive i thought that if she banned plastic straws it would help the environment a lot but that may not be the case anymore. Plastic straws despite the benefits they may include, the weight that they carry with themselves in the ocean can become mor…Read More

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