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    6 years, 5 months ago

    I am from the time where being
    black you have to face the fact
    that you will always be looked at
    different not differently but
    different in that you get slapped,
    kicked, stabbed, and shot because
    you’re black by someone who is
    supposed to stand up for you and
    have yo back. But everyone around
    you screaming “Black Don’t Crack”
    Like that matter
    I am from the time where i’m
    too hard for the nerds and too
    weird for the thugs. Since i’m
    black i’m suppose to attract
    the stereotype hood niggas
    who do nothing but sell drugs
    get bitches knocked up and
    leave them hanging to live in the slugs
    I am from a time where i literally
    cry and wipe my own tears, pick
    my own self up, and keep going
    by myself. so no one can say
    they really down for me. But i
    got so many friends. Yea ok
    I am from a time where
    people screaming “free my nigga” when
    they supposed to be in jail. Teens
    sitting in a cell debating on if they
    should snitch but either way i goes
    they are looked at as a failure.
    I am from the time where i’m lame
    cause my parents are strict and
    if i talk back i get hit cause
    they dont play.
    i am from the time where i am
    loved. i have confidence even tho
    i didn’t grow up in the slugs i still go through struggles
    and i’ll be damned if i’m not number 1
    i am from the time…



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