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  • In this essay, We find out why music makes us feel emotions. Because we recognize different speech and sound patterns as associating with different emotions and feelings instinctually, when we hear music that

  • Regarding the ethical debate of using stem cells, most people accept the use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), or adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to their original state. This type of

  • This past week we have been working with the Gale website to find more sources about our research projects. I did not have very much luck with them, but I have been looking up more info on the correlation of music

  • GALE Research

    While adult stem cells have a political advantage over embryonic stem cells, in that there is not a controversy of harvesting the stem cells from an embryo, adult stem cells are much harder to

    • Erin. This is a really neat idea for a project. Stem cell research and research in this field alone is very controversial but they outcomes (if they are as successful as they say they are and if their research is as accurate as they claim it is) then I believe that further research and science into this topic is mandatory. Awesome research topic and excited to see what you come up with.

    • Erin,
      This is a very interesting topic. Stem cell research is primarily a very iffy subject to discuss, and it is great that you are documenting research well.

  • I have chosen to write about the effect that music has on our emotions. I am interested in this mainly because of my interest in film scores- they are so full of emotion. I’ve listened to them outside of the

    • Alea- this is an interesting topic to research. I think its interesting that you brought up the point that we relate music to movements. This is so true and I think this topic leaves a lot of room for study and research. Im interested to find out if there are studies directly correlating our emotions to the different music we listen to

  • Scientists discovered how to derive embryonic stem cells from mice in 1981. In 1998, they discovered how to do the same in humans. Ever since, embryonic stem cell research has been a highly controversial issue.

    • I loved learning more about stem cells because people are highly torn about stem cells but I have never had enough information to form an opinion. This makes me want to look more into stem cell research because I can see how important stem cells could be and how helpful they can be for people. This article really sparked my interest.

  • As my AP English class reads Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean, I am struck by a reoccurring concept she keeps touching on: no government is pure enough to condemn any person to death. I have always been q

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  • One of the biggest debates in our country today is over the issue of gun control. It is a major issue in our election right now as well—Hillary Clinton wants to enforce stricter guidelines on gun use in order to d

  • There are many theories about why people have unique personality traits. Some theories suggest that nature and nurture play the main role in someone’s personality, but others suggest that people are born with

    • Hey Alea! If you are interested in psychology, with regards to personality, I recommend researching Carl Jung. His ideas and analysis are the basis for a large majority of psychology. Another psychologist I recommended is Burrhus Frederic Skinner. He has an excellent book called Walden Two.

  • This is definitely a hot topic with the election coming up. I very much agree with you though- we need a president who can increase good relations with other countries, AS WELL as deal with problems in our own

  • Hi Carol,
    I think that if Trump is elected, it is very possible that we will be headed for pure chaos and a decline of our nation as a whole. I saw a very interesting video recently in which someone interviewed

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  • I agree that this is a huge problem in our country, and we really should be doing more to solve this issue. I think it indicative of the fact that our country still has strong implicit prejudices against black

  • This is very interesting! It is very scary that we seem to be overlooking this massive issue in our world that will have a drastic effect on all of us. I think another important thing to consider is the social and

  • Many people are opposed to expanding funding for space travel research because there are so many problems on earth on which we should be focusing. One of the main benefits of expanding NASA’s research is that t

    • Hey Erin,
      I agree that Space Explorations should founded because it would benefit us in many ways. Your said “Space research helps us understand our own world, which can in turn help us protect it”. I fully support this because with the technology that would be used to explore space it would also in turn help us find out more about our planet. NASA brings the smartest people together and with them it is possible to search deeper into space, find out about how the world began, find new life, and find out if there’s any planets like earth that can support human life. The one question that I have is that, so even though space exploration is founded. How long would it take to get back results of the money put into this program. Many have given their money towards space exploration but what does that money go to and what kind of research is done to help them improve their capabilities in searching out in space.

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    • I think you were going to a good place, but your picture is blocking most of your text. Maybe try to rework that. 🙂