• My research paper focused on feminism and the application it holds in daily life. It also discusses the inherent biases that exist in our society, regardless of whether we realize it or not. For example, I

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    This piece is really interesting. The theme is really difficult, since mental health isn’t something people talk about, and i often over romanticized when there’s really nothing glamorous about it at all. You did a really good job of shining a light of truth on the subject. My only suggestion would be to give it more order.

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    This is a really cool topic! I’m interested to know whether brand addiction is similar to the way people get addicted to other every day commodities. Do the advertisers actively try to get people addicted to their brands? How far does/should advertising go?

  • To complete my research, I got onto the EBSCO database. This was much more helpful than either google or Gale had been. I found articles that related to my topic. The only problem was that  a lot of them were

  • When I was given this assignment, all I knew was that I wanted to write about feminism, but I didn’t really know exactly what about it. So, I started thinking, and I started researching. As I dug deeper, I

    • I appreciate that you’ve pointed out the problem with multiple definitions of the word ‘feminist.’ I have noticed even in daily life that many people are misinformed about what feminism really is. Our feminist club at school got a lot of mixed feelings at first because a lot of people(particularly the male population) were under the impression that the women involved hated men, which is not the case. I love your introduction to feminism here, nice work:)

    • Hi Mary,

      I totally agree that there is a problem with defining definition of “feminism”. I believe that the issue comes from different places. One of the problems is how the message is delivered, second is who was it taught by, and third has to do with timing of when the message is told. All of these different variables ( there are probably more but I can’t think of them) cause the messages to becomes all scrambled up.
      To answer your question. I believe that we as a society have to learn to not relate certain words to political issues because feminism isn’t only a political issue but a social issue. Not only do politicians have to stop using it as a political argument but instead as a social issue. They also have to stop using it as a way to attack their political opponent but instead make it a bipartisan issue that has to be solved for the benefit of both men and women. Personally I believe that both men and women should have an equal footing.

      Have a nice day


    • Sup Mary,
      From what someone once told me, there are two different types of feminist.
      Radical- Are usually the louder feminist, however they seem to preach for the uprising of woman and to degrade men.
      Standard- This feminist say they want equality and tell both points on their progress and w

    • Whoops… Sent by accident.

      Sup Mary,
      From what someone once told me, there are two different types of feminist.
      Radical- Are usually the louder feminist, however they seem to preach for the uprising of woman and to degrade men. This is the feminist most men hate or fight against. (This one doesn’t always state facts but likes to sway things their way)
      Standard- This feminist says they want equality and tell both points on their progress and what could be better. This is the feminist most men don’t mind or protest too and will ignore most of their comment or try to change things to help out.
      From what I understand, one is not to be taken seriously, but one is more equality than prejudice toward the opposite sex.

  • This paper is difficult to research, due to the fact that a lot of the material it covers is highly subjective. I started with some personal examples, and then from there I did some quick google searches to get me

  • So, after digging around on the Gale database, I came up with a few articles that outline the broad history of feminism in a global context. A few of them were opinion articles either for or against the so-called

  • My research topic is feminism. I know, “feminism” is a very broad topic; I’m trying to narrow it down. The idea is to focus on feminism in young men and women in first-world America, although as I continue my

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    Good argument. I agree with your opinion that the American people, no matter how upset we might be about the election results, need to band together and hope that somehow Trump is able to prove us all wrong and be better than his campaign promises foretold.

  • This is an interesting topic. I personally know multiple people that are prescribed adderall. In my experience, they actually have had bad cases of ADHD and the medication has helped them a lot. However, this is not always the case, and doctors are prescribing pills more often than they used to. It all boils down to the science behind it, which…[Read more]

  • This is a very interesting take on America’s current state. One thing you should be careful of is casually mentioning things like bipolar disorder. I am very close to people who actually suffer from this disorder, and your characterization of it is inaccurate. I would fine tune the diagnosis you’ve assigned Mr. America. It’s on the right track,…[Read more]

  • I agree completely that women and men don’t have equal rights. The problem is, there is a common fundamental misunderstanding about what feminism is, on both sides. Many women who call themselves feminists take it to an extreme, claiming that all men are the same, all men are evil, all men are misogynistic, etc, while in fact many, if not most…[Read more]

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    I agree with your line of thought here. The problem with using uniforms to counteract bullying is that it only fixes a symptom of the problem. I attend a school with a very strict, very unflattering uniform, and it doesn’t prevent bullying. By enforcing a uniform, schools are teaching students that the way to avoid bullying is to not be a target.…[Read more]

  • Ethan,
    I think it’s entirely possible that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how a zoo works, with enclosures and all. What you’ve described is being a monkey in the wild. Other than this one little caveat, I really enjoyed your post’s creativity. You’re right-moneys are a little like ninjas. That’s pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

  • I agree that arts programs are essential to human learning. They not only encourage students to be creative, but they allow them a cathartic outlet through which they can find their own voice and personality, becoming confidant in themselves. Art connects humanity; no matter where in the world you travel to, you will find art. By cutting arts…[Read more]

  • Anna,
    I completely agree with your opinions about not getting enough sleep. I am always rushing into class just before the bell with a large thermos of coffee in hand to compensate for the meager four to six hours of sleep I get on average. This is extremely unhealthy, and I know that many of my classmates are in the same boat as I. Lack of sleep…[Read more]

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    You bring up a really good point. We always hear about terrorism that happens and ongoing wars, but never about how we are combating this. The problem is, fighting terrorism is about more than just killing or imprisoning terrorists. Terrorism stems from a mindset of hate, of a worldview centered around division. There are two kinds of people in…[Read more]

  • Kevin,
    I do completely agree with your statements. School is necessary to excel in the future. However, I believe that we as a society need to stop thinking of school as just another hurdle on the way to adulthood, and embrace it as a formative process. Kids often stay in school simply because of the reasons you stated, the necessity of diplomas…[Read more]

  • At first glance, indifference appears as an equal to neutrality. However, that could not be further from the truth. Indifference is a lack of care; neutrality is refusing to choose a side. But why does this

    • This is a very interesting take and I think that what you’re saying is really underappreciated. Now granted, it’s more than a little unfair for me to say this as I cannot vote, but you are right. The institution of democracy and popular election is designed to give a voice to the greatest number of people. Although, rightfully so, many people may not like either candidate for very viable reasons, and, on that same token, both candidates have extremely passionate and zealous voters, more people need to vote in order to have this be a representative election.
      However, I believe that many people may not vote because they do not feel like their voice would be heard anyway. What is your take on that?

    • Dear Mary,

      I completely agree, both candidates have committed a multitude of scandals, and that has made this election an undesirable one. Sadly, a choice has to be made and I agree that we need to elect the one with the less noticeably ill intentions. Hopefully, people read this message and take inspiration to vote and we as a country can make the choice to have the better suited candidate elected as our US president.

    • Thanks for writing about this important issue. I fear that indifference will lead to an even lower voter turnout than usual. This could really affect the election results.

      If people are feeling that they can’t support either of the Republican or Democratic candidate, I hope they will look at third party candidates. I don’t think this is “throwing away your vote.” To me, it’s important to vote your values and most of all TO VOTE.

      Even if you are not old enough to vote yet, you can use your voice to encourage others to vote.

    • Hello Mary,
      I do think that you are so right. Maybe the reason that this election is so extreme is because people did not care at the first time. They never expected to have those two left. I am not saying that there are something wrong with those two but as you said many are saying that they will just not vote for this election.

      There was a claim that UK had this same issue with EU. They voted for the withdrawal from the European Union. The issue got bigger but the people didn’t care much. They ended up agreeing to quit being a member of EU. Many people asked for re votes; they did not know that this would happen to them.

      We are facing the same issue at this point.

      Running away from the responsibility will not help. As you said, we need to make a choice. And I do think that more people should think about this matter more seriously.

    • I agree exactly with what you are saying, it’s an opinion that isn’t often expressed in main media but for the discussions I have with my friends and family (whether or not we have different opinions on the current candidates best fit for presidency) this sums up our conversations entirely. It’s good you are bringing it up.

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