• If you please, here is a survey on whether you feel sexism against women is still an issue in the United States of America. If you decide to take this survey I greatly appreciate it. If not, that fine as well.

    • I just did your survey. I just want to say I really like what you are discovering here. I think it will be interesting to see how many people believe sexism still exists. In my opinion, it does in many aspects of our country. However I know many people who are afraid to admit they are a feminist or against sexism issues because they are worried about what other people will say. This survey allows people to come out about what they believe, but in a somewhat anonymous way. This may help us change this problem in the future. I hope you do more survey’s!! I really like your idea and passion about this issue. Here is a link I liked. It includes some statistics of where sexism exists most in the world. https://unstats.un.org/unsd/gender/vaw/

    • Please post your results, I’m interested to see what people had to say.

    • I didn’t know you could post a survey on this sight and I am so glad that you did. Im glad you picked this issue to analyze, I hope to see results and an article on the issue soon! Please keep pressing the issue of sexism. I am fascinated to not only hear some startling proof of sexism but also the results of your survey telling me what people think about it.

    • Moiranda, I think you picked an excellent topic to dive deeper into. I liked how you made it interactive and wanted to see your viewers opinion. I found an article that elaborates on sexism today to form background knowledge. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/sexism-in-todays-society
      What made you compelled to pick this topic? Please post the results I am interested to see.

    • Among my peers/ in my school this seems to be a very popular topic for debate. I think it is very interesting that you are researching this, and I would be fascinated to see what you find; not only through the survey, but also through your other sources. I decided to search this topic and I found these articles https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/sep/02/unconscious-bias-most-women-believe-sexism-still-exists-but-most-men-disagree
      I hope you find this helpful.

    • Moiranda,
      I think it was a great idea to put a survey in as your research, as you are doing your own research. I think that sexism still does exist, especially, in the workplace. Here is an article by Business Insider that discusses the wage gap between men and women. http://www.businessinsider.com/gender-wage-pay-gap-charts-2017-3/#the-gender-wage-gap-varies-widely-depending-on-the-state-1 Let me know what you think of the article and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Moiranda, I just took your survey and I think what you’re doing is very interesting. I think it’s important to see how and where people see sexism especially in our age group (I mean, the site is called youth voices). I like how you said sexism and didn’t split it up and only ask about women in relation to sexism. If you think about it, sexism effects both males and females. There are stereotypes for both genders and they effect both. I think it’s cool to get perspectives from both sides of the issue (or non-issue depending on what other’s think). I really want to know what your results are! If you need a place to start your research, https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/03/23/everyone-is-sexist-internalized-sexism/99528476/ might be a good place to tart, it’s a little skewed, but when approaching this topic, most resources are.

    • Moiranda,
      This was an interesting way to collect data for your research. I do believe that there is sexism in our world today, but especially in the workplace. This is shown in the pay gaps between men and women, since men continually make more than women even though they are doing the same amount of work for the same amount of time. This article from AAUW, http://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/ , goes into great detail about pay gap, projected and present. It even shows the state by state difference. Here is another article from the Huffington Post that goes into more occupational sexism and facts about it, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/20/sexist-workplace_n_2718249.html.
      Thank you for taking the time to research this, and I hope some of the information in the links helps.

    • Moiranda, I just took your survey, I really like how you are using this project as an opportunity to do some research of your own, that you can then compare to the research that others have done. It will be a really interesting way to portray this issue. I am very interested to see what the results of your survey will be, and look forward to seeing how you develop your findings into this research project!

    • I just took your survey and as i was taking it, i had a pose for sec to think of where sexism is still prevalent and I couldn’t get an exact answer. For me, sexism is everywhere and although it is not everyone who exercise the same ideology,we can still fill the presence of it. I read this articles https://www.theodysseyonline.com/sexism-in-todays-society which emphasis my thought and how sexism leads to inequality and male dominated society. I would loved to know the result of this survey to see how many people still think its a problem even in today’s world.

    • I just took your survey and I think that this is a great idea. I bet it’s very interesting because you will be able to see both sides of the spectrum. Personally, I do believe that sexism still exists. The wage gap is still a major problem, women are extremely under represented in politics among many other problems that women still face today. On the last question I found myself struggling to answer just one of the bubbles because sexism is prominent in many of those categories. I’m very interested to see the conclusion of your survey.

    • I just took your survey and I love the way you created this discussion. I like how you are trying to get results in where everyone thinks sexism against women is most prevalent. I like how you can speak your mind without anyone thinking of you differently and this is exactly how you can do it. I hope you make more surveys in the future and you are on the right track to discovering something big. Keep up the good work. Here’s an article I found about sexism against women in the work place you might like: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/09/27/lean-in-study-women-in-the-workplace/91157026/

  • The first step I took in the process of writing this research paper was to find out what I actually wanted to research. It took me quite a while because the topic I originally wanted to research, abortion, was one

    • I love the topic of your paper and can’t wait to see more of it. I found a few sources that may help you with your research:
      These are all pretty reliable sites for some statistics and an article that may provide you with some more examples. Good luck with your project!

    • Sexism is an issue that I’ve had personal contact with too. I’m from South Sudan, and women there experience sexism on a daily bases whether it be in domestic decision making, in the workplace, in the home, or just while in public. In both Sudan and South Sudan, women are expected to be obedient to men. This means they should never question a man’s authority or even ask for more civil rights and liberties than they have already been given. On the contrary, now, in contemporary times, women in both countries are beginning to protest against the sexist government and society that they live in. As you discussed, sexism in the United States is an issue that needs to be talked about and be paid attention to. As you conduct your research, I suggest that you actually go out and interview different kinds of women ( demographic differences based on socioeconomic status, race, and area of residence), and see what there take on racism is. This allows you to get specific examples you include as supporting evidence to your research.

    • I think that women’s rights is a very important issue in America and I’m glad to see that more people are researching it! You’re completely right that income inequality and dress codes are a problem that many women face, but it goes so much farther than that. Abbi left you with some pretty cool articles that I think could further expand your knowledge on just how deep sexism can divide us in not just the United States but the world.

    • HI!
      Topics dealing with the rights of women have always been a fascination of mine. The facts that you present leave room for little argument that women still have a slight disadvantage in the workplace. However, women in India, the Middle East, and other country’s have the odds stacked against them even more so. Maybe that could be a later topic of interest for you.

    • Since I am a man it is difficult for me to comment on the subject of sexism because I have not experienced it. However, in talking to my classmates and family I have found that sexism is extremely widespread but is often very subtle which makes it hard to distinguish, especially for men. The question is, where do we go from here? I think that the answer begins with changing the way we educate our children. Teaching young children about strong female role models will, in my opinion, increase the likelihood that they will support the empowering of women and allow them to live up to their potential. I hope and look forward to the day where women can live more comfortably, free from the subjugation of their peers. Thanks for posting

    • I’m really happy you’re researching this topic. It blows my mind that women are still treated so inferior to men. So far it sounds like you have some great information and I think that you will write a great paper. Good luck!

    • I’m so glad you’re interested in researching sexism and women’s rights because it is something that is all too real in our society today. It is important to be aware of these issues and to see what can be done to change them. I think its important to also further your research with actual victims of these events to help strengthen the point you are trying to make. Great job overall!

    • This is a brave topic to write about. I think that this is an issue we really need to push out into the open. Women have been treated as submissive and docile for years. It’s sad to think that something in our society still needs to change for people to see that we are just as strong as men. We deserve the same pay for doing the same jobs and we deserve recognition for what we accomplish. I’m excited to see what you find out and hope to read more about it!

    • Sexism have been and very likely will continue to be a big deal for all of history. I’m sure there are supporters of Trump who were sexist against Hiliary Clinton in the election.

  • At first I had no clue what I wanted to research and write about, however, after looking at many different topic ideas I finally found the winner: women’s rights. When I say women’s rights I mean how we are sti

  • Unwanted pregnancy has been becoming more common, so it was inevitable that the topic of pro-life or pro-choice has become more of an issue. Being pro-choice gives women the choice on whether or not to keep a

    • “Pro-choice is the only choice.” Damn right. Legalized abortion brings only benefits to people of both genders: women will go to actual doctors for abortions instead of some “underground” clinic, women don’t have to go through the pain of childbirth for a baby they didn’t want, men don’t have to worry about the stress of raising a kid they aren’t prepared for, etc.. Really the only argument against abortion is “it’s amoral”, but I don’t think those crack addicts at the side of the street with their babies are living life too morally either.

  • Hello Daniela,
    I agree, the wage gap is something that is a major issue in our country and it is something that needs to be fixed. Like you said, many say and agree that it needs to be fixed, however, it’s still an issue. Why is this still an issue? If only a small percentage of say that women shouldn’t get payed equal, why do so many women still…[Read more]

  • Whether or not minimum wage should be raised is a controversial topic that plenty of people feel passionate about. 

    Many say yes, it should be raised so that we can close the gap between the rich and

    • Hey Moiranda,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. I couldnt agree more with you! I think minimum wage should remain the same. I skimmed your two links and I think those are good supprotive artitcles to your topic. If minimus wage is raised, some people may stop going to school and may not get a degree because they can make average money working at a fast food resturant.
      Really great post!

  • Dear Quest,
    I really like your poem! I like how you began each stanza and thought that you were very creative with your writing. I enjoyed reading of your home and your friends.


    There are certain words that just grab the attention of people, words like dazzling, bibliobibuli, footle, and so on. They might be words that don’t really have any significance but they just stand out to pe

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