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  • Katie, I’m so glad that you brought the focus back to such an important topic in our modern day. I feel that many people are vaguely aware of the immense amounts of plastic that exist in our oceans and global communities but always turn a cold shoulder to such an immense problem. As you said, such a “sickening” fact is hard to come to terms with…Read More

  • Dear Miles, I thought your post was very intriguing and you did a great job of including important statistics on the topic. I think you did a great job of clarifying how e-cigarettes are bad for everyone but are even worse for developing brains. The scariest part of this whole fiasco is we’re not even sure of the full extent of circumstances that…Read More

  • Matthew wrote a new post

    The amazingly undervalued renewable energy sector.

    Our country still shows some reliance on oil from industrial booms and many argue that we must protect this integral part of our economy and all the jobs supported. The problem with this, is that keeping things the same...

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    • Hey Matthew, this was a great topic to post about. It’s hard to deal with the world refusing to change even though it’s so desperately needed. We keep using fossil fuels even though it is creating more harm than benefits. The part where you mention that SUNRUN has 277% returns so shows how much the alternative energy industry is growing and working. It amazes me that people are still resisting it. I understand that it will cost people jobs, but it will also create a lot of jobs that can easily make up for the ones lost. I really liked seeing your perspective on this Matthew and I can’t wait to see your next post.

  • Dear Isabella,
    I thought this was a super interesting post because it’s something we can often see so clearly in ourselves without a concrete understanding of why we do it. I found it enlightening to see some of the potential reasons for why a student may procrastinate and even learned that positive procrastination can exist. Thank you for an…Read More

  • Ishmael,
    I think this is a very insightful and necessary piece of writing that everyone can connect with on some level. Although many of the things you referenced may seem obvious, it is often the most obvious things that are easiest to forget… especially in the last year. Exercise is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and typically do often…Read More


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