• I chose Romeo’s line in Act V, Scene 3, Lines 111-120 of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  I chose this dialogue because it was part of a very powerful moment in the play when Romeo dies with the presumed to be d

  • Iago 3.3.368-378

    I will leave this handkerchief in Cassio’s house

    And let him find it.  To a suspicious man

    This will act as solid evidence.

    And will do something.

    The Moor is already falling for my

  • Angie—
    This is a very spectacular piece of poetry. It examines many of the baffling, important questions that have puzzled human beings for centuries. I like the and tone and feel of your poem. Its rhythm slides off the tongue like a small taxi off the busy cobbled streets of Milan on a breezy Summer’s day. You provided a provocative, yet d…[Read more]

  • Koji, your post was very well written. I have also read a lot about the emerging and controversial legalization of marijuana within the United States. I found the article that I included in the bottom of my comment quite compelling. It shows the social and physical preference for marijuana as a pain killer as compared to opiates. This article…[Read more]

  • In an article by Robert L. FitzPatrick, the president of the Pyramid Scheme Alert and co-author of  False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes, he

  • Dallanna, this was a very nice poem to read. I really liked the emotion and experience that was prevalent throughout. You have a unique writing style and I liked how you carried it through this poem. Good job and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Reilly, I enjoyed reading your article. I also think it is ridiculous how most colleges cost the same amount as a luxury automobile to attend. I have also done some research into the FAFSA and how there is a middle line of students who still need aid, yet do not qualify for aid. This happens in the case of someone who comes from a family who…[Read more]

  • This article by Stacie Bosley and Kim McKeage examines the diffusion of multilevel marketing and the risk of pyramid scheme activity.  This article closely examines the case of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in

    • Maxwell,
      I think you do a nice job here of exploring the ethical and economic issues involved with multi-level marketing, with substantial evidence to back up your claims. My question to you is, what should be done about these corporations who operate either with a “pyramidesque” platform, or simply blatantly use a pyramid scheme to recruit investors? One of the issues with these companies is that it can be exceptionally difficult to discern a pyramid-based company from one that isn’t. Many of these companies, for example, advertise their businesses as a simple, obvious way to get rich quickly. While those types of statements would generally raise red flags for most people, these companies still seem to suck people in who end up suffering the consequences. What regulations do you propose should be placed on these companies, specifically their advertising?

  • Karina, I really enjoyed reading your post. The topic of last names is one that is very interesting to me. After reading your commentary about your last name, I began to think about mine, which eventually led me to researching about the topic. I think the ethics and psychology behind a person’s last name is very interesting and how it can…[Read more]

  • Nathan, your article was very well written on this issue. I have also done some research on the issue and I liked how you included other aspects that have been influenced by these events, not just airline security. I believe that the global terror threat is constantly shaping and making American security smarter and more in depth in some ways,…[Read more]

  • I came across a very informative source while browsing the Gale database.  This link should lead to my annotations I made while reading this article via hypothes.is. This source gives an in depth look at the

  • Ed, I found your post very interesting. I also believe that independence issues stem from the concept of helicopter parenting. I believe this type of parenting isolates a person from the real world until they are abruptly pushed into it as they become adults– which can be catastrophic. I read a very fascinating article recently…[Read more]

  • Francisco, I really liked your post and I also believe this is a prevalent issue in the United States, as well as the world. I have done a lot of research into the psychology of drug use and what makes it so prevalent in the American society. I also believe that the criminalization of illicit substances has had adverse effects to its intended…[Read more]

  • In business, there exists a competitive craving to be smarter, faster, and bigger than everyone else. This urge stems from the initial experience of success that has the ability to intoxicate people. If success

  • Maddie, I agree with your stance on education to promote the advancing of society. I agree that the government needs to allocate more money to the states for inner city education funding. I live in a state with a fairly underfunded educational system, and I find this topic very interesting. I believe a huge education reform needs to occur in…[Read more]

  • Raymond, I found your article very interesting. This issue is very interesting and in many ways scary. I did some research and found that people with lower rating scores will likely receive low internet speeds as well as travel implications. I believe this system is an invasion of privacy and agree on your stance. Here is an intriguing article…[Read more]

  • Assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in the viewpoints of many.  Before I get into this topic, I want to clarify that this is an end of life treatment that is available in some states for terminally ill

    • Max, this is a very interesting topic. My parents are doctors themselves, and they reference the Hippocratic Oath which all doctors make, which prohibits them from being involved in ending a life. You might find this article helpful: https://www.thehastingscenter.org/briefingbook/physician-assisted-death/ .

    • Maxwell, I found that your article on assisted suicide was very interesting and I am glad that you brought this subject to light. Though it is an uncomfortable subject to talk about, it is necessary to discuss as it happens on a daily basis. I also learned new information as you explained that it was not technically a treatment but instead “offered my medical doctors to alleviate suffering and pain”. I found a site online that goes into further detail about this subject, in case you wanted to continue your research. Thank you for sharing this information and I look forward to what you have to say about this issue in the future.


    • Maxwell,
      I think this is a very interesting topic, especially right now with our current medical care system and the rights we have at this time. I don’t think about this a lot unless it finds it way into mainstream media, the occasional news story or arc on a TV show, but bottom line it’s not often something I think about. I think that this article is interesting, It offers a few facts on State legislation if you’re interested in looking at it.

      My Right to Die

    • Max,
      This post is provides a thoughtful analysis on death, pain, and alleviating suffering. The concept of having the right to essentially kill yourself is a new concept for me, especially with regards to having pharmacists give you a lethal dose to take. I feel that this may carry controversy in the medical field, but this concept should be looked into more. Here you go, you might find this interesting. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2949364/


    • Max,
      This is a very big issue, I personally agree that Death with dignity should be legal in all the states.If someone is terminally ill and is still of sound mind, why should they be made to suffer for the rest of their time on Earth? They should have the right to go out how they want to.

    • Maxwell,
      You provide a good analysis and valid opinion on assisted suicide, but I think there are more factors of it that need to be addressed. The first is medical expenses. Even when an illness is terminal, there are some people who can live comfortably for part of the remainder of their lives, and I feel that expenses to their family would want them to end their own life as to not feel selfish. This is a bit of an ethical dilemma, as if assisted suicide becomes widely legal, there would definitely be some cases where terminally ill patients would want to end their lives but would not want to if money were no object. This could also create conflicts of interest as companies in pharmacy and medicine would be losing some of the money they could potentially make off of terminally ill patients, and while they obviously would never admit to wanting that money, they could still argue against legalizing assisted suicide. The entire practice is just a horrible mess of ethics because of how complicated and connected the modern world is. I ultimately believe a truly terminally ill patient has the right to a peaceful death on their own terms, but making it happen fully on their terms and their terms alone may be nearly impossible without a lot of legislation and regulation.

  • Jeana, I really enjoyed reading your post and this is a compelling topic for me, as I many times feel that I am subjected to helicopter parenting. I agree that this method of parenting can be done in both beneficial and harmful ways to the child. This has been a topic of interest recently as more and more college students arrive to college with…[Read more]

  • Maxwell commented on the post, Smogggg 2 years, 5 months ago

    Sophie, I really enjoyed reading your post and I believe this is an important topic that affects everyone not only in our school, but in the entire Salt Lake Valley. It is very interesting to look at all of the strange unsuspecting contributors to the pollution which can get as specific as the cleaning chemicals available in our cabinets. I…[Read more]


    The bustling flood of technology that has poured into our world has brought a whole new menagerie of complexities and simplicities to our everyday lives.  In recent years society has become infatuated and c

    • Dear Maxwell:

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is ” The heavy reliance on technology exhibited by people suggests that smartphones are becoming our ‘second brains’, replacing our original thought process with white noise.” I think this is unsettling, because it dissolves our sense of autonomy from technology. I wonder what that “white noise” is made of. Perhaps having room not to think about some things can make room to think critically about different things.

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