• What if Lebron James was never in the NBA, and wasn’t alive?
    What if basketball wasn’t a sport invented until 10 years later?
    What if humans got to meet mystery animals like aliens, Bigfoot, and more?
    What if hum

    • Hi Mathew
      I really liked reading your post. I like how you asked what if to a lot of things that people don’t think about on a daily basis. Your post really opens peoples eye to other what ifs. I think in life there are a lot of what ifs. What if I don;t get into college. What if I don’t get a job. There are many what ifs out there.

    • Wow… you asked some very thought-provoking questions in this poem! My favorite was “What if neither the Earth nor the other planets in the solar system existed?” One question that popped into my head when I was finished reading it was: What if everything that happened in the world revolved around me, and my mind is like the control center of everything?

    • Dear Mathew,
      I am interested in your post because you seem to look at things from another perspective. Not a lot of people think about the ¨What if¨ in anything. I believe that people should be grateful for the things they have because none of what we have today, like phones and computers, existed a long time ago. Something that was interesting was ¨What if nobody was alive?¨ This interested me because no one really thinks about things like this and what would happen if nothing or nobody was alive. Thank you for your post and I will be looking forward to your next post.

  • Marcus I think that your poem is very inspiring because I am going to a new school and I thought that this would happen to me but we don know. I just think that this was a great idea to write because you are talking about how it was and how u felt. Hope it goes great for u! PS I am not in high school I don know how u feel but because my school…[Read more]

  • Mathew Morel
    Pioneer Diary
    March 15,2017

    Diary of a Pioneer on the Oregon Trail: This diary was for my social studies project please give me some comments an some ideas that I should make changes for. Thank

  • Mathew Morel

    Imagine That…

    Imagine that we could go to recess everyday in middle school.
    Imagine that when it rains it rains food.
    Imagine that kids got to buy a car with no l

  • One day in April 2013, Mathew got a basketball from his dad for his birthday.

    Next week, Mathew’s dad showed him a basketball game. Mathew ‘s dad told Mathew that

    Lebron James is the one who’s dunking. Mathe

  • Abby I like how you brought two videos to give hope and I like how you made an essay about this.

  • Revolutionary Spies
    By Mathew Morel

    Do you see all the papers on the floor? Those are from the American Revolutionary spies. You are going to learn about the top three most important spies, the Culper Spy Ring,

  • Before you start the mission. You need to know the characters.

    The first character you need to know is the boss. His name is Captain Legend. He gets to control the spy group. He has this walkie-talkie that

  • Mathew commented on the post, Immigrants 3 years, 8 months ago

    Dear Landen,
    I am interested in your idea about immigrants.I think that you brought up a good idea about that. Your letter to the next president is very important because they need to fix that. I have a connection to your post. This makes me wonder why the president did’t think that 324,875,854 people lived in the United States. One sentence that…[Read more]

  • Dear Future President,

    Congratulation for being the new President of the United States. Let’s get into business.

    An important issue that I care about is about Black Lives Matter. I feel mad when people don’t cha

    • Dear Mathew
      I am inspired by you writing about black live mater because so many people would agree with you if you shared it out to the public so many people would talk about your writing and so many people would also fight with you that black lives mater. One sentence that stood out for me was was ” how would you feel if someone killed you” that shows me that you care about other people than other than you.

    • Dear Mathew
      I am impressed by your statements in this post, I too agree that homeless deserve better treatment. Maybe even some lift up to help them get back on their feet and maybe live a steady life. In the future we may see those changes, hopefully. I would love to help homeless when im able to, and I will. Maybe you should also put this on your list. Keep up the good work, man, I hope to see more posts from you on this issue or another topic.

    • This post is so inspiring! Everyone deserves equal treatment and equal love, especially the less privileged. This really shows me what kind of person you are and how YOU will make a difference in this world; you will be a big impact, with many positive effects of this community and planet.