• Dear Mr/Mrs President,

    On average, one of every five adults in the United States and one of every five children in the United States, suffers from a mental illness of some sort in any given year. Though, despite

    • I agree with what you’re saying about the fact that mental illness is a huge concept and then mental illnesses cause huge issues in the U.S such as suicide , failing school, quitting a job, etc. It is also something that does not get payed much attention to or gets pushed off to the side. There are also many times where a mental illness is not believed.

      That being said you say that it needs to be fixed and these numbers need to stop growing but that just isn’t really something that can be done. Mental illness is sometimes genetic or something that was caused by life events and those are just things that are inevitable. Also, not everyone has access to therapy.

  • The protests of the football players has gotten completely out of control ether through word of mouth or on the media such as the news, though a few reasons can explain why. The first reason for why it had gotten

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