• Mitchell commented on the post, Fight for DACA 1 year ago

    I really liked your topic about DACA citizens and how they are being affected by 45. People should not be going through this with fear and should be able to live their lives like any US citizen. I really like how you stated ways that your going to organize movements to support DACA and make them feel safe.

  • This topic had caught my eye and I truly feel sorry for those in foster care and have to got through things that a child shouldn’t be. Hopefully in the future or even sooner people take this topic on matter of hands and create more mental health services available for children in foster care.

  • Mitchell commented on the post, Stop Bullying Now 1 year ago

    This is a great article and a way to talk about the issue of bullying in schools. I like how the article had included OUSD which is where I apply to and its great that it talks about something I apply to and should be aware of.

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