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Othello Recording

Othello 1.3.208-218 I am voicing Desdemona. I learned that hearing the words in your head and out loud make understanding the reading much easier because it comes to life that way, instead of just being words on a page. I learned that Desdemona was trying to tell her father in a calmed and collected way that she was no longer […]

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Othello Close Read

Desdemona 1.3.208-218 Rewrite: My good father, I know there is a dilemma here I must be faithful to you for life You have given me life and education. How to respect you, I am your daughter, but he is my husband And like mom was faithful to you Putting you before her father. So I must do the same For […]

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Points of View on Climate Change and NASA

NASA’s budget is supposed to rise to $19.5 billion in 2019, which may seem like an absurd amount of money, but that is only 0.5% of the federal budget (Amadeo). The budget is increasing because every $1 spent on NASA adds $10 to the economy. In an interview with my mom, she believes that humans cannot completely reverse the effects […]

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Is Earth’s Fate Decided?

Because the sun is expanding, the distance between the sun and earth is decreasing, so earth is moving away from the habitable zone. Rene Heller, a member of the Canadian Astrobiology Training Program, writes, “It seems reasonable to say our planet is at present only marginally habitable” because of its displacement closer to the sun (Heller). Although there are plenty […]

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Why Should We Find Another Habitable Planet?

As of 2011, NASA’s Kepler mission spent $600 million on its launch and has since discovered 54 potentially habitable planets (editor). Of those 54, no water has been found yet, but William Borucki of NASA’s Ames Research Center says, “Some candidates could even have moons with liquid water,” implying that the planets would have water as well. Kepler has discovered […]

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Due to the exponential growth of the human population, more natural resources are required. But, while the population continues to grow, the supply of natural resources is only decreasing because no more of them are being made. So, what will we do when there is no more oil to fuel our transportation or living amenities? Where will we find a […]

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Lack of Recycling in America

According to Forbes, America is ranked 18th in the developed world for its recycling rates. Because of its large population, it is generating more trash than many European countries even before taking into account its lower ranking. While 85 million tons of recycled municipal waste may seem impressive, when compared to the waste not recycled in America, it results in […]

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Why is America becoming more complacent?

Economist, Tyler Cowen, and author of Complacent Class says that people in America are complacent because of the increase in self-segregation, a tendency to move toward communities similar to you regarding topics such as politics, socio-economic status, and religion. The article The Big Short further describes this migration toward like-minded people and it’s dangers for our country. Groups are becoming more […]

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Laughter is Beautiful

What is Your Favorite Word? Why? My favorite word is laughter. Ever since I was little, people have described me as a person who is always laughing. When people hear the word laugh, they may think of being made fun of, of everyone everyone laughing at them. However, I think of laughing with people, and not having a care in […]

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CRISPR- The Future of Genetic Modification

Also known as is CRISPR-Cas9, the acronym for ”Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats” and the active enzyme Cas9. It is a sequence of genes that are a bacterial defense system, which are used in the gene modification technology. With CRISPR, “researchers can permanently modify genes in living cells and organisms and, in the future, may make it possible to […]

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Is there Another Habitable Planet in the Universe?

NASA has found multiple potentially habitable planets to humans in the universe, but more research is necessary to determine if any of them fit all requirements. The potential planets are all within the habitable zone of the star they revolve around, where the planet is not too far nor too close to their star, so the temperature range is close […]

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