• I chose to recite a passage from the play Othello. I recited lines from the character Desdemona (1.3.208-218). I learned that it is very difficult to do a recitation of Shakespeare and to have an accurate and

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    My mother had a maid call’d Barbara:

    She was in love, and he she loved proved mad

    And did forsake her: she had a song of ‘willow;’

    An old thing ’twas, but it express’d her

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    A halter pardon him! and hell gnaw his bones!

    Why should he call her whore? who keeps her company?

    What place? what time? what form? what likelihood?

    The Moor’s abused by some most

  • Since the beginning of America, leaders have been searching for the cheapest labor they can find. This was once in the form of slaves, but has since been replaced by inmates. Inmates work for far under the minimum

    • Beth I really liked your article. I think it is great how you didn’t just focus on the moral reasons that we should pay prisoners minimum wages, but you also convinced me as the reader that it is the smart thing to do. It was interesting to me how prisoners are potentially a threat to non prisoners, because they are taking their jobs and working them for much less money.

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  • In recent years we have seen a change in the way society views equality, specifically gender equality. This is often times a touchy subject. Many people argue that women and men are treated equally in America,

    • Tess, it seems like if gender equality hasn’t really changed in the past thousand years it will never change. I find this somewhat upsetting, but we have made major progress over the past few decades. I did not know that there was a specific name for the idea of the hegemonic myth and this is something that has not seemed to change very much over the past few decades. Overcoming stereotypes is very difficult. I am very curious to know if you chose to write about this because you have a twin brother and you have been raised slightly differently than him? I must admit that I succumb to the myth and I do let males take dominance in just about every aspect of my life. I think a big reason I am a part of this myth is because I am involved in a sport in which males are much more skilled than most women, so I have naturally let that idea creep into my life. I have been raised in a family with four girls and one guy, so you would think that this would not have been the case with me. Well, I guess not… I found some information as to why men are more dominant, mainly focusing on the differences between the male brain and the female brain, and I think it would be great if you included this information in your research essay. Thank you for this interesting research, and good luck with your paper!

    • Tess, this was a really interesting article. I knew that sexism has been internalized in us from an early age, I just wasn’t sure exactly why. The studies and data that you showed was really surprising, but sad. It would be interesting to hear from you what parents can do to instill equality into their children from a young age. It would also be interesting to hear what you think about gender roles, and how this affects people.

    • Tess,
      this is a great article to highlight the gender inequality gap. I really don’t like when people limit “the gender gap” to differences in wages, because it shows just how much of a blind eye we turn to other societal problems. My question is, where do you think this comes from? Why, even hundreds of thousands of years after the creation of humans, are women still disadvantaged in society? Additionally, I like the way you use “hegemonic,” since I feel like that word is typically reserved for foreign policy and nations. In this case, the relationship between men and women is not much unlike the relationship between a nation and one that is “inferior.” Given the chance, that nation wouldn’t be inferior at all, but there is such an inherent early advantage to the bigger nation that there is seemingly always a “gap.” Anyway, thank you for writing this article, and I am excited to see where this paper goes.

    • Tess, I love your article. I think it’s so important you are discussing this topic and trying to understand why there is gender inequality. It’s interesting that you found some evidence of parents starting this gender inequality at home and that Moms have learned to underestimate their daughters and not their sons. I also believe this has something to do with education. In my lifetime I was never taught about gender inequality in school and never taught how to deal with it. The other day my brother was saying how their teacher is a strong feminist and has started having the young girls write “womyn” instead of “woman” to rid of the word man in the female gender. I think this is the wrong way to teach youth about feminism and women’s rights. It’s important that our youth and upcoming generations learn to support both genders and work towards no inequality. In this sense it seems schools are teaching girls to rather hate our male counterparts and despise everything our country was built upon. Women have been fighting a long time for their rights and adolescence should be taught that fight. I think it’s so important you are addressing this topic. We need to help our youth learn about man and woman the right way. I also think sex education is an important topic to be discussed in every school and would eliminate much of our problems with sexualizing a woman and rape. I found this article on how to teach your kid gender equality. I think it will help your article because you can give ways to help change this inequality in our society! (https://www.cnn.com/2017/09/26/health/gender-equality-teaching-children-parenting/index.html) Keep writing!!

    • Tess,
      this was an excellent article and very well written. This is a very important topic and I cannot thank you enough for sharing. The myth about these so called gender roles has been very prevalent and domineering for so long now, that nobody even knows why or how they originated in the first place. As a society, we are slowly seeing a change in this regard, and I cannot wait to see where the future takes us! Well done!

  • The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist w

    • Hello Beth, Let me say I really love this article. I have never even thought of a topic like this. I learned so much from reading this article. Also I did not know that they were doing such a thing in Texas, making prisoner’s work unpaid. Also you included so many websites. Well done!

    • Beth!! Such a good article, this topic is so crucial to discuss especially in America today. It baffles me that this “loophole” is completely legal in the US. The US prison system as well as private companies profiting from prison labor need to start treating prisoners as humans again in order to find a compromise within this issue. I watched a documentary called 13th that completely showed me how terrifying this problem is. Take a look! : http://www.avaduvernay.com/13th/

  • Gender related stereotypes are still a huge problem in today’s society. Movements like the Women’s March have successfully tried to combat these social norms, yet women are still being held back. Women only mak

  • In an article from New York Times, James Gilligan wrote, “If any other institutions in America were as unsuccessful in achieving their ostensible purpose as our prisons are, we would shut them down tomorrow.” Sin

    • Beth, I really enjoyed reading your piece. I don’t know very much about the criminal justice system in the United States and now i feel like everyone should know this. I agree that we need to fix this problem, it’s not okay for so many people to be in prison not learning or bettering themselves. I loved the evidence you used to support your claim. Great job!

    • Isa replied 1 year ago

      This was a really interesting essay that you have written. I knew there were problems within our prison system, but wasn’t sure how bad they truly were. I agree that there needs to be a difference made, but I’m not sure where to start in that process. I am providing you with an article that has 10 ways to change the prison system. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jessica-s-henry/top-10-ways-to-fix-the-cr_b_6362274.html
      Great job, I am excited to hear more.

    • Isaac replied 1 year ago

      this is a really important issue, and I’m glad you chose it. I agree that there are too many people imprisoned in the US. We are too focused on punitive measures, and like you said, rehabilitation becomes an after thought. While prisons are a necessary part of society, they are clearly not doing their job. However, tangible solutions are hard to come by. Here is a link that can help with that brainstorming process: https://www.aclu.org/other/solutions

    • Mary replied 1 year ago

      Hi Beth, I am fascinated by your topic because it is so disturbing about American culture. We focus on treatment rather than prevention, in many areas of life. Your comment about how most inmates are mentally ill is something that caught my attention, because if anything those people need more attention and more qualified people taking care of them and teaching them how to be rehabilitated. This article is titled, America’s prisons are failing, here’s how to make them work, and will be beneficial I think to you, https://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21722642-lot-known-about-how-reform-prisoners-far-too-little-done-americas-prisons-are.

  • In the United States of America, even the toughest criminals have basic rights protected by our country’s Constitution. The rights of prisoners include the right to humane facilities and conditions, right to be f

    • PJ replied 1 year ago

      Beth, I have to disagree with your claim that people don’t receive these rights, the US prison system mat not be first class seating but it does meet the basic rights. Thats a prisoner gets is the basic rights, they don’t get more thats why it’s prison. If you read, https://www.marketplace.org/2017/05/15/world/how-much-does-it-cost-send-someone-prison, you’ll notice that our tax money is going into our prisons and I don’t think many people are happy they’re paying to keep others locked up. The real problem, I think, we need to address is the hoe people get punished. There are so many problems with unjust punishment, and if we can fix that then we can lower the amount of those in prison, therefore lowers costs on people to help us take care of those who are justly in prison. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

    • Beth, in religion class we learned about the cruelty of the US prison system but they did not focus much on the treatment of women in prisons. its interesting to see the ways in which sexism impact lives even at the most fundamental level. I’m doing my project on drug use and I’m learning all about how unfairly the US prison system targets the poor and minority under the veil of being hard on drugs. the system results in trapping users in a cycle of repeat offenses without ever getting treatment for addiction. heres a site that details the difference between crack Vs. cocaine prison times. https://www.aclu.org/other/cracks-system-20-years-unjust-federal-crack-cocaine-law. thanks for the great post!

  • In recent years people have really started to fight for the rights of women. Eliminating the wage gap, speaking up about sexual harassment, encouraging body positivity, and countless other things are being fought

    • Tess,
      This is really interesting and I didn’t know there was a study on this pattern. The language we use with children always amazed me, but I never realized how deep-rooted the ideas of fundamental gender differences were. The fact that fathers elicit different reactions based on the expressions on their sons and daughters faces really threw me off. Although psychology is not the most exact science, I look forward to any further research you find on this topic.

    • Dear Tess,
      I enthusiastically read your post because, as a father, I often think about what messages I unconsciously send to my child when I interact with him.

      I was particularly interested in your last sentence, “If we begin to understand where gender stereotypes are being taught we can start to eliminate them.” I want to ask, to what extent you believe gender stereotypes need to be eliminated? Would it be better to eliminate all socially-constructed gender differences, or work to reduce their impact?

  • On March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, giving health care to millions of young adults, benefiting millions of seniors, women, children, and young adults. This act is

  • Although many American systems are damaged, one that is often overlooked is the foster care system. Foster care, according to the National Adoption Center, is “a temporary arrangement in which adults provide for t

    • Hey Beth,
      I really liked the idea behind your post and how passionate you were about the issue. I like how you included others viewpoints as well as providing insight to your own as well as how you felt about these other peoples viewpoints. I found an article about foster care in Utah that talks about how people are able to get involved and what can be done to help.

      Foster Care

      All in all, I really liked the work you put behind your viewpoints as well as providing insight and supporting evidence towards the issue. I hope you continue writing.

    • Ed replied 1 year ago

      Dear Beth,
      Really nice write up. This is an issue that is overlooked quite often, but is highly capable of leaving lasting effects on kids who get caught up in the foster care system. The quotes from others work really well to drive your point home. This is a hard problem to dissolve because of the scale and the lack of attention, however focusing on it could change so many lives.

      Here’s an article discussing the problem that highlights a campaign to rework the foster care system in America:

      A national campaign to improve foster care

      Really great post,

    • lauren replied 1 year ago

      Beth, great post! I enjoyed how you added statistics to back up your claim. I think people often overlook the foster care system because they don’t know enough information about it. They quickly look to adoption instead of fostering a child. I also liked Pamela Campbells quote when she compared the foster care system to an asthma attack- that really seemed to put it in perspective for me and other readers. I think another thing that steers people away from foster care is the fact that they are not paid actual pocket money to foster a child. It is expensive to raise a child, but it is also selfish to overlook children who need a loving home. Heres an article I found discussing the monetary aspect of foster care. https://adoption.com/how-much-do-foster-parents-get-paid

    • PJ replied 1 year ago

      Beth, I really enjoyed your post. I agree that we tend to overlook the foster system and it’s ever growing numbers of family-less children. Your use of statistics to back up your claim was also well thought out but you made it seem more then just numbers, which it is, and that is important when writing about articles like this. I do wonder, though, why do you think the foster care children numbers are so high and are still increasing? I think finding a way to raise awareness is most beneficial because the more people know the more likely it is for a child to be adopted. If you read this article from the Spruce,https://www.thespruce.com/help-children-in-foster-care-27113, It gives more ways people can help lower rates in foster homes. Hope to see more from you in the future.

  • Handheld technology certainly has its pros and cons. The pros include easy communication, access to news, a platform for change, and much more. However, there are some significant cons to cell phones concerning

  • Millennials are known for creating “friends with benefits” and because of this many would assume that they are more promiscuous then previous generations. Shockingly the General Social Survey, a project based at

    • This post was very interesting to me, I had always assumed that our generation was indeed more promiscuous than my parents’. I guess that my parents just leave out all the bad things they did when recounting their childhoods. I wonder what the reason for the discrepancy between the generations is.

  • The word “predator” is often associated with negative images, such as a big, bad animal attacking an adorable, tiny animal of prey. We may think of massive sharks, lions, tigers, or bears, who are usually des

    • Beth, I was really happy to see your post. Lots of people are concerned about Bambi being dinner then how the whole ecosystem benefits. I went on search for an opposing view, and PETA did not let me down. https://www.peta.org/about-peta/why-peta/predator-reintroduction-programs/ is where they make a few good points. It’s stressful for animals to be captured, contained, and then let loose in an unfamiliar environment. They make a few not so great points about how prey animals are stressed because they are being hunted and leave it there, not exploring the greater benefit. If you ever run out of articles to write, you can do a sort of response to PETA. It’d be cool to see.

  • Having a twin seems like something very beneficial. From the time you’re born you have an ally, someone to support and influence the decisions you make. Yet are all of these preconceived ideas really accurate? H

  • In the past few months there has been a lot of discussion surrounding our President, and if he will be impeached. However, very few people, know the process and requirements for an elected official to be

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