• Hi Diana, I am glad you chose depression as the topic because one of the first steps to helping solve the problem is by diagnosing and talking about it. In order to diagnose a disease, you must be aware of the symptoms. Mental health is less-talked about than physical health, so the symptoms are not as noticeable. Your question intrigued me, “How…[Read more]

  • Hi Zoe! your post was very informational and interesting to me because it taught me a lot about the opioid epidemic. I never knew how big of a role Fentanyl played in addiction. Your point about prescription drugs being easily accessible was relatable because I had plenty of extra pills left over from my surgery that would be dangerous if I or…[Read more]

  • Economist, Tyler Cowen, and author of Complacent Class says that people in America are complacent because of the increase in self-segregation, a tendency to move toward communities similar to you regarding topics

  • Breyner, your article fascinates me because I had no idea how bad the poverty rates are in California, and more specifically, the Bay Area. The number of latinos and immigrants in the Bay Area is shocking. I liked your comment on how the poverty rate is hurting the education system. The kids born into poverty will likely have a lesser education…[Read more]

  • Casey, I agree with you that more desperate measures should be taken to help stop mass shootings. I prefer to be more optimistic and believe that if gun control laws were stricter then the number of shootings would decrease significantly. It is sad to think that mass shootings are now part of the American culture. I think this article with…[Read more]

  • What is Your Favorite Word? Why?

    My favorite word is laughter. Ever since I was little, people have described me as a person who is always laughing. When people hear the word laugh, they may think of being made

  • Hi Lexi! I appreciated your honesty about admitting to not having a turning point in life yet, because that is a pressure people place on you when you begin writing your college essays. It is amazing that you have stayed so positive about moving multiple times, I know that would be hard for me. I would love to hear about your siblings and how they…[Read more]

  • Anthony, this article grabbed my attention from the title because I had no idea coffee was linked to acne. I have always only heard the positive effects of coffee. I liked how you incorporated into the article quotes of people who helped answer your question. You also gave both sides to the argument by providing positive and negative effects of…[Read more]

  • Also known as is CRISPR-Cas9, the acronym for ”Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats” and the active enzyme Cas9. It is a sequence of genes that are a bacterial defense system, which are use

  • Hello Jackalyn. American culture definitely has some values that are desired such as punctuality and hygiene that you mentioned. But, I think the negative aspects of our culture are highlighted and overshadow the positives. For example, mass shootings are becoming prominent in the recent years, but are by no means something that should be…[Read more]

  • Hi Darrtell! I completely agree that we need to take action to improve the oceans’ cleanliness and prevention for further contamination. This can be related to recycling because this lessens the amount of trash produced. I think this article will be useful in your research, https://www.nrdc.org/stories/10-ways-reduce-plastic-pollution because it…[Read more]

  • Hi Thaarini! I am interested in genetic engineering sand cannot wait to see what you research further. I suggest you research Crispr, a tool used for genetic modification that is increasing in popularity, but many ethical concerns still exist about it.…[Read more]

  • I am interested in your research topic because two students in my class have committed suicide in high school. I liked your quote, “depression education can be effective suicide prevention” and I think you should do more research on how that is benefited suicide rates. Prevention before treatment is more useful. Try this article,…[Read more]

  • Hello Sejal! I agree with your thesis of laughter being the best medicine because it always makes life better. I am an advocate for not taking things too seriously because in the end it does not help your cause. Your quote, “They do whatever it takes to raise their spirits” makes me very happy and want to meet your family.

  • Hi Beth!! I have two younger siblings and am the oldest child and I found many connections between this article and my life. My younger sister id definitely the most adventurous of our family, but she also strives to be like me. It is quite possible I have never related to something more than the quote, “Children born second have the advantage of…[Read more]

  • NASA has found multiple potentially habitable planets to humans in the universe, but more research is necessary to determine if any of them fit all requirements. The potential planets are all within the habitable

    • Dear Mary, I am interested in your post because I love the topic about the planet and I really enjoy learning new topics on the universe and it’s amazing that there is another planet in the universe that has the same habitat like ours. Scientists have been saying how there is another planet out there yet to be discovered. One thing that stands out to me is: “Perhaps the most crucial element to sustaining lie is water.” Did you mean sustaining life is water? Anyways, since water is very limited it is very difficult to find, there is barely any water on this earth and finding more on other planets seems very difficult. I also like how you added a reliable source aka NASA it shows that you did your research. I found this post to be very interesting.
      Regards, Amanpreet Dhillon

    • Greetings Mary! Your post is very interesting and it does get me thinking about how we could utilize ways to colonize planets with ease, as well as the thought of extraterrestrial life. This idea would also bring the thought of interstellar travel. Despite not having very many facts to support the post, your post and writing do show a lot of promise for good writing in the future, I’ll keep checking back on your posts, nicely done

    • Dear Mary,

      I am pleased to see the time and research you put into this article because with this you can spark a great conversation. The topic of other habitable planets can interest people to speak their opinion. It personally fascinates me that the possibility of there being another planet that could be habitable for our life, or even that other life exists. Arthur C. Clarke said "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." and I agree, hoping we can find other life.

      One thing that stood out was that you mentioned Kepler-186f. This excited me because I had also heard about this planet and how it may have liquid water because it is within the habitable zone. This raises the possibility of there being extraterrestrials in the universe greatly.

      Andrew Calderon

    • Dear Mary,
      Your post intrigued me with the topic of other habitable planets. Any topic that regards the future of space exploration and immigration always excites me. You gave excellent facts for to possibility of possible planets humans could live on in the near future.
      One thing that you mentioned that caught my attention was, “The four gas giant planets are also believed to have large quantities of water.”, I have never once heard of that fact but it is interesting. Your post has informed me of many things I had yet to learn about the future us humans have on other planets.

    • this article was very good and i was very invested. This article had tons of facts and stated resources. in which i could check you facts

    • Dear Mary,
      I am very underwhelmed with your article. The universe is infinite so asking the question “Is there Another Habitable Planet in the Universe?” is just unnecessary. I was not intrigued. The title should be why our Earth is sustainable, since that’s what was being explained.

    • Your post consists of great points but I would suggest that you would add facts that are reliable and that give unexplained quotes from direct sources. Your writing opens up my curiosity about the vast galaxy there are with the amount of planets there are within the galaxy. Your points can give many new ideas to people who are interested in traveling to new planets and exploring space. There are a couple of flaws within your writing such as that human life spans do not last for thousands of years. The distance to another habitable planet would take thousands of years with our technology with have now. But maybe in the future when the human race evolves, human beings can have the technology to reach another planet within hours.

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