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Salt Lake Valley Air

I read “Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality,” which was written by Dan Frosch for the New York Times in February, 2013. ( The first part of this article addresses the causes of air pollution in Salt Lake Valley and other polluted parts of Utah. The urban parts of Utah do not necessarily produce more pollution […]

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Poor Air Quality Kills

I read the research paper “Winter Temperature Inversions and Emergency Department Visits for Asthma in Salt Lake County, Utah, 2003-2008” to get an understanding of some of the issues that result from having poor air quality. ( Winter inversions are layers of air that can trap pollutants in higher concentrations in Salt Lake Valley and are often associated with our […]

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Air Quality and Water Availability

Air quality is a major issue in Salt Lake Valley. It can affect our health and well-being. What I didn’t expect is that it can even contribute to causing drought. I read an article published in KSL about how poor air quality can actually affect the watershed in Utah. ( Particulate in the air can be trapped in a snowfall. […]

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Innovation in Ranching

I read the article “If Ranching Wants to Survive Drought and Other Climate Hassles, It’s Time to Show Soil Some Love” by Michael Elizabeth Sakas for Colorado Public Radio. ( The article addressed some of the problems created by conventional cattle ranching in the West, such that it can intensify droughts by reducing the soil’s ability to hold water and […]

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More Than One Sort of Greenhouse

I questioned what impact agriculture has upon global emissions and how we might limit it. To answer this question, I read two articles, one published by NPR which summarized a UN report on the salience of mitigating agricultural emissions and another article in Forbes, Why Agriculture’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Almost Always Underestimated, which explained why agricultural emissions are so […]

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Agricultural Emissions and Climate Change

According to an NPR article titled “To Slow Global Warming, U.N. Warns Agriculture Must Change,” a report by the U.N. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came to the conclusion that changing agricultural practices would be necessary to combat climate change. This report is based on research that found that a third of greenhouse gas emissions, including nearly half of […]

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