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  • Interesting idea! I wonder how long it would take to turn the economy and the systems we have built developing a capitalist society, as well as what the opposition says. I think this would be challenging, especially given our political climate that seems to be changing individuals to be more about keeping their wealth/earnings for themselves and…Read More

  • YES! Coming from Chicago, a city with a vast public transportation infastructure, SLC needs to improve their offerings. This would help with air quality and to support the growth the valley is projected to see in the upcoming years. I also think more people need to be encouraged to take the buses and carpool up the canyons, so maybe a campaign…Read More

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    Maggie commented on the post, Gun Violence

    I love your proposed solutions. I think we also need decrease the number of guns sold illegally, especially across state lines (ie: Indiana has more lax gun laws than Illinois, which is why many Chicagoans who want guns via illegal means simply drive an hour to purchase a gun).

  • Such an important healthcare topic. I wonder how much politics are impeding or supporting solutions to more thorough sexual education and access, given today’s political climate.

  • I am wondering how access to skiing as a sport/hobby will be impacted by climate and the choices resorts have to make. It seems like lift tickets and season passes get more and more expensive each year, plus the cost of equipment, makes me think more individuals and families are being priced out of skiing. If this continues, resorts may have a…Read More

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