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  • Interesting idea! I wonder how long it would take to turn the economy and the systems we have built developing a capitalist society, as well as what the opposition says. I think this would be challenging, especially given our political climate that seems to be changing individuals to be more about keeping their wealth/earnings for themselves and…Read More

  • YES! Coming from Chicago, a city with a vast public transportation infastructure, SLC needs to improve their offerings. This would help with air quality and to support the growth the valley is projected to see in the upcoming years. I also think more people need to be encouraged to take the buses and carpool up the canyons, so maybe a campaign…Read More

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    Maggie commented on the post, Gun Violence

    I love your proposed solutions. I think we also need decrease the number of guns sold illegally, especially across state lines (ie: Indiana has more lax gun laws than Illinois, which is why many Chicagoans who want guns via illegal means simply drive an hour to purchase a gun).

  • Such an important healthcare topic. I wonder how much politics are impeding or supporting solutions to more thorough sexual education and access, given today’s political climate.

  • I am wondering how access to skiing as a sport/hobby will be impacted by climate and the choices resorts have to make. It seems like lift tickets and season passes get more and more expensive each year, plus the cost of equipment, makes me think more individuals and families are being priced out of skiing. If this continues, resorts may have a…Read More

  • Such a timely topic with the election–I wonder if you can weave in what specific candidates’ plans are. What concerns me, like many of our social issues, is that those who are the most impacted often have the least power in our society. Universal healthcare, if sustainable, would ideally give individuals access to a more equitable life/better…Read More

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    Maggie commented on the post, Ending Police Brutality

    There are so many issues that intersect with your topic–politic/political beliefs, experiences with the police, ideas about the police from childhood/family, race, gender, location/neighborhood, individuals (civilians and officers), etc. Definitely a complex issue and I love how you establish credibility by stating there will be no “one size…Read More

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    Maggie commented on the post, The State Of Sex-Ed

    Interesting–I think this is an important topic because health, including sexual health, is a priority for a healthy adult life. I am curious to know more about the social/cultural impacts on different genders and groups of people–who receives the “best”/most education on the topic? What have trends over decades revealed for different…Read More

  • I didn’t know the connection between the DRC’s battle for a true democracy and the Cold War or the USA’s role within the country. I wonder if more former colonized nations in Africa have struggled in similar ways and what the impact of developed nations on the developing nations has been, whether direct or indirect.

  • I absolutely agree with your opinion that climate change cannot be ignored and leaders of nations, developing or developed, must be concerned with the consequences of a warming earth. Sadly, I don’t think many people will start to care or devote resources to reversing climate change until it impacts them in “their own backyard.”

  • Wow, fascinating that the cost of college is rising as fewer people are attending thus preventing even more people from attending due to costs–this is a cycle our nation should be trying to avoid because a less educated society would be disastrous in the long term. I fail to understand why our government over the decades has not allowed more…Read More

  • My husband and I talk about this every time we go to a concert! I find it sad that people pay money to actually see the performer live and spend most of their time viewing the performer through their phone. I do understand our tendency to want to capture moments, but I think as a society, we must do a better job being present and appreciative of…Read More

  • Such an interesting connection between social media and social movements, whether for sustainability or other movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too. I totally agree with you–while limiting plastic straw use is a step, we consume SO much more plastic that doesn’t always make it into a recycling bin. I, personally, am shocked that SLC…Read More

  • I completely agree that climate change is an issue we must pay attention to. While we as individuals and communities can do important things like recycle or ride a bike, I believe massive change has to come from industries changing and being willing to create incentives that punish or help large corporations to evening out their carbon footprint.…Read More

  • Fascinating topic and solution. I wonder how we could share our surplus food and even medical supplies when considering the costs and limitations on what could be shipped, other country’s diets, and even the willingness of people/companies to participate. Some would likely argue that these additional resources should be distributed within the US…Read More

  • Stella, I completely agree with your point of view. As an educator, I strive to follow the philosophy stated by the Chinese proverb because that makes learning authentic and useful. Test-taking strategies have become something we “teach” because that is how schools, teachers, and ultimately, students are measured. I wish it wasn’t part of the…Read More


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