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Amira, one of our children

Amira is a 10 years old child. She is from Yemen and she is Muslim. Amira has a  hijab and she wears traditional Muslim clothes. In the classroom, Amira is very polite and she likes to stay on her own. Before eating, she prays in her language and she says that her friends make jokes with her. She gets angry […]

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Why it is important to be introduced to Scratch?

Why is important to know Scratch? People usually do not agree with the idea that Scratch he’s students to develop computational thinking, but I all the time propose parents to let their kids express their ideas and what they know through Scratch, where their learning can become more attractive while they use their thinking. I explain that some topics in […]

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I totally agree. Sometimes as teachers we read some protocols but having example it helps us to better understand cases.

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having the opportunity to work with STEM schools, students have different learning processes is based on the subjects. WE need to know our student's learning process and which of the approaches we need to implement to better serve them.

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children adult relationship

I think those questions are very good ones to keep in my mind while interacting with my studnets. Students need to be described based also on their relationship with adults. When we are able to give answer to those question, we re more prepared to create trust relationship with our children.

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Teachers need to talk more often with student's parents.

This is one of the important parts that I missed when I was a student. As a future teacher, the connection with my student's parents is an important key in education. One thing that I want to work with my host teacher is that relationship and creating an environment to be able to let parents be able to talk with us about their child.

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I totally agree

I agree with the idea that first educators need to know their students before trying to solve any problem. I observed that some teachers put a name on their students without knowing them, or why their behavior is like that. I believe in a restorative circle as a way to talk and to create that relationship with our students, educators, parents, where we give the possibility to our students to express themselves. In this way, we learn about their needs.

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Finding and Recognizing Our Forces

We need to find the force to fight ourselves when we say ” I can’t do it”. Persisting is not an easy process that as a human being we need to use it. I can see myself doing the same thing couple of years ago. changing my carrier from being a lawyer was not an easy decision. When I started […]

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We need to find the force to fight ourselves when we say ” I can't do it”.

I read this sentence and I can see myself doing the same thing couple of years ago. changing my carrier from being a lawyer was not an easy decision. When I started taking a science course, sometimes I felt exhausted and I want it to drop the course. it was not an easy process to talk to myself and find a solution, I saw that are many different ways to solve this problem, and asking for help is a way that I do not feel uncomfortable anymore. I start to build plan B or C, in case my plan A does not work. I was not seeing that as a failure but as a way to persist in my success.

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mirseda portofolio

mirseda portofolio A portfolio of my work showing the habits of mind I used while… Large Radish I thought the successful people never make mistakes. I was wrong. PERSISTING I have made mistakes in my life, but I have learned from them. I never give up to pursue my dream and I am finishing my school in the USA. I […]

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I totally agree that using scratch in a way connects the world.

I was able to create projects and other people from other countries commented on my project and we were able to do other p]]SCratch projects together, especially in biology. I can say that Scratch has so many options that students too can be very creative.

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We learn from our mistakes and those experiences make us stronger to keep going.

During all of the years, I have achieved things but also I have fallen. I was blamed for not being able to do that or this, but I talked to myself that mistakes and experiences teach us how to do things next time the appropriate method. Mistakes make us face our fears. I never thought I was able to handle alone my life in another country far away from my family. I moved to the USA alone when I was 25 and through my hard work, mistakes, during my moments of crying and laughing I was able to succeed and to achieve my goal.

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