• That’s cool that you have so many interests! I relate because there are so many things I wish I could do in life, but I know that I can’t do it all. Right now I’m thinking about going into business to try and help LGBTQ+ people get access to things that they need. I want to do that because of one of my past experiences. Do you have any other…[Read more]

  • This is very interesting. Why do you think that society glorifies serial killers and not mass murderers too? Why do you think we glorify either of these at all? I feel like all of the recent documentaries are contributing majorly to the glorification, however, I also see the value in watching them. I think they can teach us a lot, but…[Read more]

  • Over the last week, I found a very intriguing and insightful article about someone who experienced gender dysphoria for 8 years and considered herself transgender during that time. She explains how she spent a

    • Miles,
      The article you shared in this writing is very refreshing and I really enjoyed learning more about gender dysphoria can mean for different people. I think this is such an intriguing topic with so many different subtopics to dive into. I really like how you elaborated on the article’s message and I can’t wait to read your final essay.

    • Miles,
      I really enjoyed reading your post, I enjoyed learning more about gender dysphoria and how it doesn’t only affect specific people. I like how your provided an example of how it has affected people with the story from the article. Thank you for sharing I cant wait to read more!

    • Miles, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed learning more about gender dysphoria because it’s something I really don’t know much about. I also enjoyed reading the article you shared. It opened my eyes to how many people are affected by gender dysphoria. I look forward to reading your final essay!

    • I really enjoyed reading about gender dysphoria. It is interesting to learn that transgender people aren’t necessarily the only people that experience it.

  • I like music too! I use music to cope with a lot in my life as well. I play guitar and piano, however, I’m not in an orchestra or band. I am in my school’s concert choir. I agree that teen pregnancy is problematic and not the best choice, but something that confused me is are you arguing against teen pregnancy or teens having serious…[Read more]

  • I personally disagree that physical characteristics mean someone is going to be a serial killer. I do believe that the psychological aspect of this topic is valid. However, people are not born serial killers. I think there are many factors that can lead someone to doing that. Something i would like to see is Lombroso’s research, like how he…[Read more]

  • Using EBSCO, I found a few articles around transgender individuals and their use of public restrooms, however, only one really related the topic to gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is when someone experiences

    • I really enjoyed reading your article, I agree with you that public restrooms can be a very stressful place for transgender people because of the fear of being targeted or discriminated against. I liked how you talked about the difference between gender and sex and discussed how some laws overlook that. I think that is an important issue that people need to discuss more. Thank you for sharing you thoughts, I hope to read more about this form you!

    • I really liked your comments on this issue. It’s certainly a problem that needs to be fixed and I like how you brought up that unisex or gender-neutral bathrooms should be considered more often. It was also really helpful to see your perspective and experience on the issue, and that perspective needs to be seen more often I believe. I also thought it was really important how you brought up the differences between the meanings of sex and gender.

    • Thank you for sharing your personal story in addition to supporting it with legal events. I didn’t realize that people made such a big deal out of trans people using one bathroom or another. While you say that unisex and gender neutral bathrooms can help resolve the problem, what happens when it is not possible for a building to accommodate for a separate or additional bathroom? I would like to hear more from you about this topic.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your take on this issue, especially your personal experience. I completely agree that every day trans/unsure people face unnecessary prejudice in their every day lives. I believe it is super important to accommodate those going through changes in self-identity, and its disheartening to see stories everyday about non binary people dealing with abuses from those who are unaccepting. I hope judge is a place where people can feel safe, and if not I would do everything I could to make it so.

    • This is article is something that is very interesting. Although I do not personally understand or completely agree with this subject, it is still interesting to know. Gender dysphoria has become a hot issue. I feel though this problem has become minimal as all inclusive bathrooms have begun to pop up all over. Here is an article (https://www.cnn.com/2017/03/07/health/transgender-bathroom-law-facts-myths/index.html) about the transgender bathroom laws you might find interesting. If you were to show me instances of this bathroom problem being a very real and very prevalent issue, then I would reread.

    • I agree with this article, in that I very much believe that anyone would be given the ability to use the bathroom which corresponds to their gender identity, and I can personally empathize with you not going to public bathrooms for fear of making others uncomfortable or being personally hurt, and so I know the difficulties of living that way. Although in living that way, I do often find myself exhibiting internalized transphobia. I think there is an interesting discussion to be had about where this habit comes from, obviously the threat of violence that trans people face in public restrooms is a factor, but I can’t help but notice that I do also restrict myself from public restrooms for the comfort of others, which begs the fascinating question of how society has conditioned us to care about the comfort of those who clearly don’t care about our own. I know I’m reading very deeply into what is ultimately a very small part of this post but it’s just something I think about a lot. https://transhealth.home.blog/

  • I agree that people should not be starting families until later in life. I think this because I believe that someone needs to be financially and mentally in a place where they can support another person. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad for a community as a whole, however, I think that starting a family too young can put unnecessary emotional hardship…[Read more]

  • This is a really interesting topic. I remember hearing about all this go down on the news and every time there was a development, I would feel so heart broken. I agree that the police acted too slow. I think they should’ve intervened as soon as people started noticing things were a little weird. Do you think that what happened with this family…[Read more]

  • A bill has been proposed by State Representative Merrill F. Nelson to the Utah Legislature that would ban the state of Utah from being able to change the assigned gender listed on birth certificates. This is a

  • Miriam commented on the post, Mixed 1 year, 3 months ago

    This poem is really interesting. I like how it provides almost two perspectives by showing that the speaker is coming from two different places. However, I can’t tell if it is trying to show that in a positive or negative light. What does this poem mean to you? Like is your thought about it positive, negative, or a little of both?

  • I think there are many issues within the education system that need to be discussed, several of which you brought up. However, one question that I thought of while reading your discussion was what is meant by diversity in school? There are many aspects of a person that can make any group of people diverse. One that I think is notable is the…[Read more]

  • Something that is very present in my life is gender dysphoria. I experience it daily. I’ve noticed that nobody knows what it is or how to help people experiencing it. These are some articles that provide

  • I also think that being American would be a lot better if the majority of Americans helped to create a supportive community. However, the facts are, it is not a supportive community, especially if we have to designate “safe spaces” when a community should be one giant safe space. What do you think we can do to create a community? This website…[Read more]

  • I think there are several issues at hand here. Obviously, cyber bullying is a cancer that came along with the digital age and needs to be dealt with, however schools should also ensure that they protect the rights of their students, like free speech. I think the best solution to this problem is for the courts and states to make laws around cyber…[Read more]

  • 1984 by George Orwell predicted many things about today’s world. One thing in particular was the impact of technology on privacy. This includes Orwell’s idea of citizens being unknowingly monitored. Today, thi

  • Adelphe, I agree that it should not be as easy as it is to obtain a gun, especially if one is not mentally sound enough to use a gun. I think adding information on why gun regulation is so hard to pass in Congress would dramatically help you argue your point. Adding statistics will only persuade some people, but exposing the truth of why the…[Read more]

  • Mia,
    Your discussion made me think of what I was afraid of right away, however, after thinking about why I’m afraid of how people who are more conservative will make the world, I wondered why conservatives are afraid of liberal beliefs. This prompted me to find an article about why conservatives are more afraid of change. The article describes…[Read more]

  • This discussion really intrigued me. I thought that your research on Australia’s system was amazing. It helped me see a difference in a country that supports education and one the encourages it, but doesn’t support it, like the U.S. I found an article that talks about how U.S. colleges are spending most of their money on unnecessary amenities…[Read more]

  • Filip,
    I am a woman who is pro-choice, however, I understand where you are coming from. I agree that abortion should never be the immediate decision for a woman to go to. I think it is important for women to weigh all their options, like putting the baby up for adoption. However, abortion should not be outlawed and i especially believe that your…[Read more]

  • Kianna, I agree that this is an important topic to look at. I think that there are many pros to having the drinking age at 21. However, I think it’s also worth it to read about how other countries are dealing with underage drinking. You may know that different countries use different ways to tackle this issue, be it politically or culturally. I…[Read more]

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