• Human cloning… not such a good idea. I’m not completely saying no to it, but I do not feel the need for human cloning. The thought is fascinating and scientists can study cloning but to an extent. We have to

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  • Yes it can be nauseating, but it is also thrilling. Imagine what else we could do with genetic engineering. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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    Do you think that over time there will be an increase in GMOs? Can you name some examples of which companies are making GMO foods?

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    Allowing women who cannot have children could be able to with cloning, risky and they would have the same dna (and looks).

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    Looking through the article, “How Human Cloning Will Work” by Kevin Bonsor & Cristen Conger provided the diagram above of what is needed to clone a human. First, a donor egg is needed, and nucleus removed in

  • I painted this acknowledging the prisoners who work on those hard days doing harsh labor. The background yellows and oranges to show the heat, the fence from prison and chains to symbolize that its slavery. I

    • First off I want to this is a beautiful painting. Also, I love how you contrasted your colors in order to resemble something. Also, just acknowledging that you care is deeply appreciated.

  • Simply fascinating. Imagine having full control of the genes of your children, different species to limit or give them characteristics you desire. That is Genetic Engineering.

    “Genetically Engineering Almost

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    I’ve seen it on TV, but it’s all in the “future” and science fiction. Human cloning will be my focus. It intrigues me because I know it is being done to animals. I want to know more about it happening (if ever) to

    • Hello Mireya, I am interested in your topic, can you think of any benefits that cloning can bring to us as humans beings.

    • Allowing women who cannot have children could be able to with cloning, risky and they would have the same dna (and looks).

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    Under the 13th amendment is states:

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any

  • “‘It’s just dressed up slavery’: America’s shadow workforce rises up against prison labor” written by Carimah Townes who is a justice reporter on Think Process has a lot to say in her article. She has also wri

  • Does slavery still exists? Why? How is it still in society today? Where is it happening? And why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Why aren’t people informed? Are people ignoring the matter..?


  • For my third post, I chose an excerpt from ‘Return of the Messiah’ by Huntfrog. It was a small short story and I wanted it to be scary or have a plot twist. It felt easy to convey that tone. I was actually

  • Two videos that I watched were “TED’s secret to great public speaking” and “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”. During Anderson’s video he expressed that you must connect to the audience, make them relate

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  • The website would not let me download the comic strip.

    Creative questions I answered were that back ground and characters were difficult from a small variety so I had to pick from different eras and Desdemona

  • Below this is the log of how I meditated when I was stressed after those situations happened. I do have to say that it helped me. I felt more at peace and less stress on myself it I let the meditation lead me back

  • Meditation is something I can stick to. Something I need in order for to calm myself. I think I will find it enjoyable because it is simple. I can have my own mantra (repeat a word many times), breath and take it

    • Hello,
      This is very interesting. I honestly never really thought that meditation worked, or it was something that my mom would do because it was “eastern”. I might have to give that book a read to see what it was all about.

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