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  • Anastasia, i really enjoyed your blog post i think you did a really good job tying in different examples of how empathy showed through during the pandemic. Using the BLM movement and talking about how celebrities donated money really added depth to this piece. And i like how you showed not just the negatives but also positives creating a very…Read More

  • Mary, I really like your post about mental health and empathy. I think you did a really good job tying the ideas of empathy and a single story into mental health awareness. I agree with you on how empathy is very important especially for people with mental health issues. And I like how you said to look past the single story of mental health and…Read More

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    Empathy and a Single Story

    Empathy has a huge affect on every aspect of life and especially in people's behavior. The amount of empathy you have affects your behavior by making you be more considerate of other people and what they might be going...

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    • “It’s simply because they are blinded by their own stubborness”. LOVE this so much. I love the sassiness with it and I love how you speak your mind on this topic.



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Empathy and a Single Story

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