• The novel The Selection by Kiera Cass is a story that took place far into the future, where America isn’t even America anymore. Instead it’s Illea. One value of America today is freedom, and in Illea, a lot of law

  • America has a lot of values that all Americans abide by. Two of the major values are equality and freedom. Without these two values, we wouldn’t be the country we are today, and it even states in the Gettysburg a

  • Being American means being free. Being free means we choose who represents us, we have a voice, and if we use it, we can be heard. This freedom is part of the foundation of the United States, it’s why we can c

    • Hi Bella,
      I agree that diversity is what makes America unique, and that people are free to disagree. I think it’s great that people are standing up for what they believe in, but why do you think more people have been using their voices now then a few years ago? Overall, I really liked your point of how freedom is part of American belief.

    • I also think that people should be free to say what they want. I think that freedom of speech is one of the most important American values. It is important for people to share their thoughts on politics and issues.

    • Thank you for your input Bella. I found your take on this issue to be very well-rounded and complete. I agree that the foundation of America is based on freedom. Would you say that freedom is something that is currently achievable for all?

    • I agree with you that America was based of the idea of freedom, and there is no doubt that freedom plays a huge role in the foundation of America, however I think that to answer your question we have to look at how the policies in the constitution are being applied in the country today. Although the country is based on freedom, many of the policies we believe give us freedom are executed in ways that restrict our freedom, which, like you said, creates a lot of debate.

    • Bella,
      I agree with many of the arguments you put in your writing. One argument I found particularly interesting was how you briefly brought up gun policies; and how you also talked a lot about the diversity of our country.

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    I agree with you on this topic. I know there are people out there getting defensive about the 2nd amendment, but what I think we need is gun control, not to get rid of the 2nd amendment completely. People have the right to use their guns, but I think it’s silly that for awhile now, they’ve been able to hand guns out carelessly when they…[Read more]

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