• I picked lines 44 through 55 of Act 2 Scene 1 because I thought the flow of  Macbeth’s speech would be easier to remember. There seems to be a pattern in the soliloquy with the choice of words, which would he

    • i liked that you chose this monologue because it has flow. it was smart of you to choose a monologue you would easily remember. i chose a monologue i was able to relate to rather than one easy to remember.

    • Dear Milo,

      I loved how in depth your monologue analysis was, especially the lineI might choose to stage him in the bathroom where he is looking at himself in the mirror, because i think that would be perfect for this scene.

      I can’t wait to see more of your work.

    • Dear Milo:
      I am amazed with your performance of the monologue, “The tragedy of Macbeth”, by Shakespeare because I saw that you understood the scene. When you performed it you actually sounded like you were acting he scene. overall I think that you did good.

      Your performance of this monologue helps me to understand this character better because it shows how Macbeth is a dynamic character. It helps me understand because of how in the explanation of the monologue you mentioned that at first Macbeth didn’t want to kill Duncan, but h=then he decided to kill the king. So it shows how Macbeth changes at the very beginning of the Book.

      Thanks for your performance of this monologue. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I hope to see other things be done, Good Job.

  •  I am the child of my father, Roland, and my mother, Heidi. My dad is from Texas and my mom is from Kansas. They met in a park in Manhattan. After a couple years together, they got married and had me.

    I was

    • The fact that we both take drum lessons from guitar center was kinda weird but cool to see, not in the same state but still a cool coincidence. I’ve been doing music as well for years now. I started drums in 8th grade but never wanted to do it with the school, just as a hobby, and I’ve done music on my computer since about 7th grade. Not gonna lie the picture on your post is what caught my eye. After seeing a ton of generic stuff on here this is one that I actually was surprised to see.You are definitely more brave than I am for posting your life story or at least part of it. I think it’s a cool idea to put yourself out there, good job.

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