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    Hasta ahora, un tema en Cakewalk me recuerda a algo que vivi . Como en Mexico que hacían posadas pero primero recaudar dinero i haci y tambien como aquí que la gente paga taxas al gobierno y alas tiendas para arreglar las carreteras y las escuelas. También para las fiestas grandes la gente pasa por las casa preguntando que si quieren co…Read More

    • Hi Miguel i like your post because you already experienced it that people ask for money to be able to fix things
      • Hi Miguel I like your post because your say that you also had that experience that must be weird but I liked your text
      • Miguel posted in the group Book Club

        “Pandemic” by Joe Bubar it talks about how in 1918 the Spanish Flu was having its starters and how Violet Harris was experiencing during this time. In her community everyone thought that this was going to just go away in a couple of days or something but it was not like that. Things became worse when the virus started spreading more and more lea…Read More

      • Miguel posted in the group Book Club

        Hasta ahora los temas en In my family me recuarda a algo que vivi . y lo que es diferente en mi y en le libro es que no todo es lo mismo pero como cosas que me an pasado de ahi es que yo degido comia nopales como lo dise el libro el abuelo de lomas carmen garsa el abuelo estaba limpiando los nopales y en mi familia mi aguelita los limpia para…Read More

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        • Hello Miguel,I like you to talk about your roots and that you eat nopales. Personally, I also like nopales a lot and more at the ranch, tell me what do you do, do you peel them, cut them, or do you just eat them? 🙂
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          Covid in Calvillo, Aguascalientes

          We have seen the pandemic and it has been a year that has passed since it started. I believe the government made people more afraid of the virus. Many things change because of Covid-19 a example is that because...

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          • Dear Miguel, I really liked how you included many different examples in your writing. COVID has affected everyone in the world and made things difficult for everyone. I felt connected when you said that when we go back to school things would be different.

            • Well I think he included most of the things but I think he missed more but hey so I stay but also thank you for commenting

          • It was very interesting when you said “this will become a learning experience for everyone including the government on how to properly react to a pandemic” this is very true because I don’t think nobody was ready for this. My grandparents also life In Aguascalientes and they feel that the government is not helping at all, so they have to take care of them self even more.

            • Yes, I chose that one because it was interesting to me and because it talks about my people, that’s where I come from, but thank you also for the comment

          • Hi Miguel Estoy un poco identificado con lo que pusiste en tu post sobre como se expandio el covid por tu escuela y pueblo, me gusto como quedo tu ensayo con en titulo y todo porque tu texto o post es lindo no en todo sentido. Una parte me llamo mucho la atencion fue “Change because covid 19 a example is that because of the virus” pero si tu texto es muy bien explicado sigue asi amigo.

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