• As far back as I can recall, I remember enthusiastically laying in bed alone watching documentaries about the past. In retrospect, it truly is a weird image for a young, hyperactive child to be instantly calmed by

    • Dear Miguel,

      First off the title caught my eye and seeing how it related to your piece was really interesting. I grew up watching Curious George so I know for a fact you grew up watching a ton of PBS. This is also where a lot of documentaries are broadcasted which was an interesting connection between the title, “Curious George” and your passion for history. It’s interesting to see your curiosity for things and I didn’t know you had a passion for history. Thank you for sharing this piece!!

      P.S. Had to post twice cause I didn’t log in the first time.

      Vesna Sot

    • Dear Miguel,
      I thought your title was very creative and engaging, but reading your story was even more worth it because everything connected. You’re curious about the past and I think that’s a great quality, since most people only care about themselves or the future. We need more people like you to think of our history so we won’t create the same mistakes again. Thank you for sharing this side of you!

    • hey miguel,
      Its cool that you are writing about history, and the interest you ahem found in it. Im glad you have realized there are things you can enjoy and excel in. I hope you will pursue something that will bring you that kind of interest and pleasure. you are very intelligent and curious indeed. Don’t let anything hold you back and keep asking questions. I think you will be someone who will discover an new truth, and share it with the world to see what you have come up with. I also like how you add in different aspects of your life, and other things that has made you more interested in life. Video games are also pretty cool too, maybe you can figure out the history of those, and find out why they can be so addicting.

    • Dear Miguel,

      I liked your piece because it shows a side of you that not many people know but should. It’s really important that people know things you are passionate about since you care about it a lot. I like the way your writing style is very unique because we can really hear your voice in it. Keep writing.

      • Angela
  • Dear Jamie,
    I appreciate you sharing all the struggles you’ve been through so far this year, and it’s good that you’re trying change most of that to succeed in school. Staying focused and ready minded will always allow you to reach your goals in the far run. Keep up the good work!

  • Dear Oscar,
    This is a pretty cool comic with very good artwork put into it. I enjoyed it because it played into family dynamics and led to love despite what happened to your dad. I could relate to this in a few ways which makes it more interesting for me to look at. I had a situation with my uncle where he was injured, but at the end of the day…[Read more]

    • Dear Miguel,
      I enjoyed reading your comic. It was very nice and detailed. What stood out to me the most was, “In the end of the day we always have fun, and I’m glad to spend time with my family.” This stood out to me because it shows how important your family is to you. That you like spending time with them and have fun with them. This comic also connects to me because I like going to roadtrips with my family and spend time with them. Other people can also connect with your comic. Thanks for sharing this comic. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Dear Miguel,
      I’m glad that even though your relationship with your brother isn’t always positive, you still manage to have a good time. At the end of the day, you guys are siblings and will have each other for the rest of your life. I don’t know how a sibling relationship is because I’m an only child but I do wonder how it would be if I had a sibling. By coming across your comic, I was able to know how about different sibling relationships. I can agree with you in enjoying the road trips because I also find them fun, seeing new people, a new environment.
      Thanks for writing.

    • Dear Miguel,

      I’m glad that even though your relationship with your brother isn’t always positive, you still manage to have a good time. One part of you comic book that stood out to me was the buff dude you were talking to. I cannot really read what he is saying but I can only imagine him telling to get buff. Overall it was pretty cool.

    • Dear Miguel,
      It was fun to read your comic “not an actual representation of Miguel” it was pretty funny. But I liked the story you were trying to get at, that even though you and your brother would always argue you guys have learned to get along. Which is always a happy ending and that is usually what happens when you have older siblings.

  • Jose, this is a great poem. You really describe what kind of a person you are and how relentless you are towards achieving your goals. I liked how you referred to yourself as a hotheaded boy, as it is a creative way to describe anger in yourself. I enjoyed reading this, and I hope you continue writing these cool creative poems.

  • Dear Jaime,

    Good job getting your poem done. I am glad to see that you are able to express how happy you are through this poem. Happiness is definitely the key to life.

  • I wake up every morning,

    Weather its hot

    Weather its cold.

    my arms are heavy

    my legs are heavy

    but still,

    I get up dressed and ready for school.

    Dedication fires me up,

    and pushes me to

    • I like your poem because it was an intresting poem and showed me why you are the dedicated person that you say you are. I look forward to reading more from you in the future since you made a nice poem.

    • Dear Miguel,
      I really enjoyed your poem. It shows what kind of person you are outside of school and how focused you are on your goals. The future holds many things and dedication is a good way to over come those things.

  • Salvador, I also have a positive relationship to my name but i don’t have a nickname like you. I really like how others inspire you to be the person that you are now.

  • Vicente, I can also relate to your post because I was named after a family member that was pretty much a great inspiration. My name, like yours fills me with aspirations for the future. Great work.


    Miguel is the name that I inherited when I was born, and it will be the name that I take to the grave. Growing up, I believed that my name was a bit funny and odd at times, but I didn’t really know too much ab

    • Your names relationship to you is very similar to mine. We carry around our names with pride and they motivate us to become overall better people.

    • Dear Miguel, I love how you used the metaphor about the frog in the desert it really expanded my thinking about your name. I think your writing is very powerful and the way you talk about your family is very passionate. I’m glad I got to read your work, even though I don’t know you, your work let’s me know that you are a strong worker and I hope you accomplish your goals in life I think you have everything you need to be anything you want. I hope you keep writing I would love to see more of your work. Sincerely, Liz

    • Miguel,
      this is a super cool topic. Our names are this thing we take for granted all the time. They are literally a permanent tag by which we will be known forever and we don’t even choose them. There’s an interesting theory in the world that your name actually defines who you are as a person since it changes how people perceive you. Check out this article: https://qz.com/1050340/the-name-youre-given-as-a-child-can-shape-your-face-as-an-adult/ … and let me know what you think. It’s crazy to believe there’s real science behind this idea. Miguel, you might be who you are because you are Miguel, and it makes you unique.

    • “Whenever I thought of my name, It was like a frog in the desert, I had no clue where it came from, or why it came to be.” — Such a creative simile. I love it 🙂

  • Dear Thomas,
    I am very intrigued about your post on self-driving cars because it’s definitely something thats going to happen in the very near future. People are going to be driven to work by their cars while probably sitting back and eating breakfast on the way. I agree with you that there are going to be some downsides like emissions and gas u…[Read more]

  • Dear Nate,
    I am intrigued by you post about homework being a priviledge or a punishment because this is something thats been very controversial during the past couple of years. Many say that homework will allow you to retain knowledge. while others mention that its just a waste of time, Like me. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me…[Read more]

  • Dear Nevin,
    I am moved by your post about the types of violence in Oakland because this is something that happens all too much and too often in many low-income communities throughout Oakland. One sentence that you wrote stood out to me was, ” Domestic Violence can shape how a child will act and behave when he/she grows up, resulting in having…[Read more]

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