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    In the discussion , “The World is Diverse” I learned that there are still some hardships among those of color. There are people who neglect the diversity that the world is built upon, these people usu

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    Dear Willbert,

    I am glad about your post ,”Freedom is for All”, because not a lot of people voice their opinion on such a controersial topic. I completely agree with you that freedom is for all, no one should have the right to tell others what’s right or wrong.

    A sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, “Everyone has the same rights…[Read more]

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  • In my book that I’m currently reading, Crazy Locoit talks about a kid in seventh grade and his own experiences in life. He does sports and hangs out with his little group of friends but then he tries to get his

  • Dear Tyler, I totally agree with you that you cannot be truly happy if you don’t do something that you love. It can’t always work out to be a career but I like how you said that it can be a hobby of some sort. A kid always doesn’t see the world as other people but when they do, reality hits most of them hard. I believe it is always good to follow…[Read more]

  • My book,The Hemingway Tradition, was mainly focused on the idea of suicide and how it can take a toll on someone. Shaw’s dad was a famous writer in Canada and a lot of people knew about his work and Shaw wanted t

  • Hi Sarah,
    I see why it is so hard for orphaned children, they experience the trauma from the loss of their mother. I like how you said that a child and their mother have a special bond, I see how it can be hard not to have a mother you really wouldn‘t connect with anyone like you would your mother. The child can grow up empty that‘s why the…[Read more]

  • Dear K´Chelle
    I agree with your views on police brutality, it is not right for them to beat someone up just because the color of their skin or their ethnicity. They should be protecting all the people from harm but some of them are just spreading it. I know not all cops are bad, but in certain areas there is a lot of crooked or dirty cops…[Read more]

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    Dear Vanessa,
    I agree that this is a very big problem in our current country and in the world. It is something that can only be fixed by people coming together and making a difference. There should be more people speaking out on this because it is such a big issue.A lot of veterans are homeless and that is pretty sad if they have PTSD they should…[Read more]

  • I agree with you angel. I feel like racism needs to stop everywhere in the world. A Lot of black people have been getting killed because of racist cops and racist people. I think all people should be treated equally and nobody should be discriminated. The only way people will stop being racist is if we start doing something about it. Also if the…[Read more]

  • People moving from place to place may have a hard time blending or fitting in with other people. If they are just moving into a different town that may be no problem but if they are moving to a different state

    • I think this is one of the biggest problems when dealing with immigration. Since Immigrants are hard pressed to contribute to a society since they cannot really interact their new society because of a color, language, or culture barrier. For Immigration to work we need to make Immigrants feel valued and offer programs where they can integrate into a new culture and society.

    • I agree with Sean. I feel like a lot of the problems with immigrants come from our own discriminations which in turn make them feel separated and unintegrated in our society. You’re a good writer!

    • I like this a lot and I think it has a very good message. Immigration is a very large topic today, and is hotly contended. But I believe that there are still good people out there that bring others that aren’t familiar with the area into their embrace. Something very important is to keep he foundation of what you believe, no matter where you go. I agree with you that everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs and should be able to express them.

    • I think this is an important piece. It is well written and makes great points. What I like about it is the analysis that you have brought into the point. Good job.

  • Priscilla,
    I agree with you Priscilla. I don’t know why some animals are killed just for fun or even research.There have been and continue to be unjust killing of animals in this country. Whether it is for food, clothing, or sport, people should know that all life is beautiful. Another topic of issue related to this is the animals being harmed…[Read more]

  • People in less fortunate countries have faith as a sign of hope. Although people have lots of faith there are people that give up. It could be about income loss of family or even war that gives a reason for people

    • Hi Miguel.
      I was just writing a paper about God and why people leave their faith. I also think that people feel intimidated sometimes by God and don’t feel worthy enough. People can become overwhelmed with God and all faiths. I believe faith is meant to be a struggle but I also see how that boy wouldn’t be able to see God when his father was sick. However, I think through the struggles, the closer you are to your beliefs. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Miguel,

      This is an interesting topic that I would love to explore more. I currently am struggling with my faith. I am Catholic and many things have challenged my belief system. Within the church, I disagree with some of their teachings, specifically about the LGBTQ community, and rape culture. It is also hard to be apart of a group where leaders have assaulted children. Outside of the church, I also see great pain for many people. Its hard to understand why my God would let this happen.


  • Good job Gabriel, I love how you address how homeless people go through may struggles and not even homeless people. People want change in this country with the income, I love how you’re addressing this issue.

  • Good job Sid, I like how you discussed differences between countries and how poverty in some of them can be very similar.

  • This is a book about a boy named Arthur Agee. He is 14 years old. He lives in a rough neighborhood with his parents, his brother, and his sister.

    He is a true basketball prodigy and his teammates know it too.

  • Dear Jean,
    I am interested in your post because you make a good point that with more population comes more crime along with it. Also, I like how you mentioned that third world countries have a lot more violence

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