• What It means to be American


    “What it means to be American is a pretty complex topic,” to quote my English teacher Mr. Olsen. I didn’t fully understand what he meant by that until I started writing and rewrit

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      Hi Micah, this was a very interesting and informative essay. I really liked how you used different sources and personal connections to establish your argument. I also agree that voting is something all Americans should participate in once they reach the age of 18. Being American and identifying what makes someone an American is very complex and the answer will differ for everyone, and I like how you made that a point in your essay. I personally believe that is what makes America and being American so amazing, we don’t need to conform to one standard. The beauty of all cultures and the identities of all people melting together to form one body of people is quite remarkable. I think you should look into the statistics regarding how many people vote in each age range. It might be interesting to compare the numbers. Here is a link that can provide you with further information. https://www.census.gov/newsroom/blogs/random-samplings/2017/05/voting_in_america.html

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