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    Mia commented on the post, Racism

    I love how you tie literature in this writing! Especially since the book you read brings light to racism towards Native Americans. That is a situation that gets less attention than other forms of racism. You could b a bit more in-depth with some of your points, though. Great work other than that!

  • Naomi,
    I love your work here. You have brought an important issue to light in a way that is educational and formal. Your outlook lets the reader truly understand what you’re saying. Good work!

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    Mia commented on the post, American Values

    I love the conversation you’re wanting to have. Equality is an important issue to discuss for all people. Your book sounds interesting, and I’d love to know more about it! Are there any other books that you know of that are similar to the one you decided to tie into this piece? Good job!

  • Navid,
    I like how many directions this piece goes in. Your tie-ins to literature is a great way to try and help your reader understand your ideas. I like how you talked about history as well, as that always impacts a society and cultures. You have a lot of interesting ideas going on here. I would love to hear you elaborate on some of your points,…Read More

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    I love your thoughts on this subject. It’s nice to see how much literature was able to teach you about a certain topic. Your tie-in to democratic values at the end was a nice touch. Are there any other books you could find that talk more about this topic? Any movies you can think of? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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