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       Everyone loves a good horror story. It seems that American media does, too. America is all too familiar with things that go bump in the night, slashers, ghosts, etc. These are the kind of fears you expect in A

    • As a passionate lover of all things horror, I was happy to read your discussion post. Your catching hook had me diving right in. I found all the different examples to be quite interesting in how you related each to a different type of fear. I absolutely love Stephen King and recommend his book The Shining, if you have not already read it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shining_(novel) Here’s a link to the wikipedia page just for a little more background on the story. I wish you would have included your own personal views on fear and the role horror plays in our society.

    • I found your discussion post to be very interesting. I enjoyed many of the examples of fear you introduced through different pieces of literature. Fear and horror is something we, including myself, are all able to relate to and experience. It is part of being human. I really liked how you exposed in a way how America needs to detox itself from these different forms of fears and horrors in order to learn and understand from it. Another form of fear experienced not only in American literature, is also through American history. Though a different approach it would be very interesting to further see how our society is coated with fear not only in stories and writing, but also in past and current reality and history. Because one or something is different doesn’t mean we need to fear It. We have learned this through the equality for races, backgrounds, ethnicities, and different cultures. http://werehistory.org/racial-fear/

    • I enjoyed this piece of writing very much. The idea of fear is often one not talked about in life. However many people paint irrational pictures of whats going to happen in the future but don’t often think things through rationally. We have to sit back, relax, and examine the odds of something bad happening. Most fear is caused by irrational thinking.

    • The idea of fear is often one not talked about in life. However many people paint irrational pictures of whats going to happen in the future but don’t often think things through rationally. We have to sit back, relax, and examine the odds of something bad happening. Most fear is caused by irrational thinking.

    • Mia,
      Your post was very interesting and engaging. You accurately summed up many of the fears that I personally hold about America. It’s interesting to read how so many different people have analyzed the way in which we almost glorify fear in our culture. Throughout history, authors have used many of the common fears of the American people in order to create elaborate horror stories that are fictional, but still rooted in truth. I found this interesting article that summarizes the changing ways in which fear has grown to be a very large part of American culture. Here is the link to it: http://time.com/4158007/american-fear-history/
      You did a very nice job with this article and I look forward to reading more from you. Great job!

    • I really enjoyed this post, Mia. I thought you looked at American fears with an interesting perspective by combining traditional horror stories with more realistic fears people have currently. I especially like your conclusion about the importance of horror in the media, where you say that “they help us see certain situations in our lives and teach us about them.” It is important to recognized what is happening in society and respond to those ideas in a productive way, and the media is an important part of the analysis of these ideas. The following article takes a deeper look at the relationship between media and fear: http://www.kom.lu.se/en/research/konferenser-och-natverkstraffar/media-and-fear/. I would be very interested to hear about what you think about the media’s ethical responsibility is as it is related to these ideas.

    • Your post is very interesting! It put into perspective the realistic fears that many Americans share. It made me reflect on my own fears, and I related to your literary examples. Here is a link that you might find interesting.

      America’s Top Fears 2017

    • Quite the interesting post, Mia! I enjoyed the way you intertwined common themes and topics of horror with everyday cultural and social views in America. That really went to show the depth that hesitation and phobias can incur when paired with the kind of fear that you would get from watching a drastically dramatic horror movie or something else of the kind. The article below expands on this further, and goes into why Americans are feeling the stress associated with fear recently:


    • Mia,
      Your discussion made me think of what I was afraid of right away, however, after thinking about why I’m afraid of how people who are more conservative will make the world, I wondered why conservatives are afraid of liberal beliefs. This prompted me to find an article about why conservatives are more afraid of change. The article describes how people that are conservative have a “negative bias” based on a psychological study, not to say that that’s bad. This article might have a good insight into how people with different fears can work together to try and get passed some fears.

  • Lillian,
    I agree with you that these values are important to us as Americans. Your usage of American documents to explore your ideas was a smart move and helps us all understand things more. I also like that you used quotations. You claim that the equality promised by the Declaration and other documents is unwavering and still provided to…[Read more]

  • America is an interesting country. It’s a diverse country, but some don’t want it that way. It’s a free country, but some people are more free than others. We constantly have issues and contradictions. Corru

    • Jason replied 1 year ago

      Hi Mia,

      I believe the first two sentences of your argument were very important. Some people just look at “all created equal”, and not the hard truth and bigger picture. What I admire about your argument is that it is different from the other ones I looked at. I had never looked at America this way, nor did I feel like fear was an American problem. Your argument made me look at the aspects of America in a very different way. Using books as data for your argument was one of the best ways to back it up I believe. Also, I loved how you gave potential solutions to all these problems, instead of ending on a negative note. I really enjoyed reading your argument, and I can’t wait to read more of your responses this year!

  • Sante,
    I really liked how you discussed the irony of the anti-vax movement. A lot of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children are exposing their kids and others to harmful illnesses. You could include a link to a piece by someone who is anti-vax, just so we can see their thought process. The myths about vaccinations are what drive…[Read more]

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