•    “ If there was any doubt about Abel, the truth was right there in front of us all along, in his name. He was Abel the good brother, the good son. But Able was his English name. His Tsonga name was Ngis

    • In the story Born A Crime written by Trevor Noah, we learn about his stepfather Abel. Abel was a drunk, abusive, and insecure man. Despite everything Trevor’s mom still laid down and had another baby with him. They still survived all his hardships and trials. However, the question is does, Born A Crime do an effective job of illustrating different gender roles and relationships in South Africa? Abel being a man, being in an intimate relationship with a woman and being the “male role model” in 2 young boys lives, yet he still wasn’t the ideal man. Abel couldn’t provide but wanted to control everything. Instead of talking out his problems he beat the mother of his son. Born A Crime does an effective job because it illustrates patriarchy. To a further extent, it shows how a woman can be with a man and still be on her own, and it also shows that traditions can be changed or altered.

      According to the patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. So basically when Abel was beating the crap out of Patricia nothing could be done. The police brushed it off because back then a man could do whatever and it would be alright. It was okay for Abel to beat his family then drink, then beat up other people and then drink some more because he was a man. I know this because in the book it says “ When the cops arrived he said nothing but oh-oh go in and have a conversation, this is not necessary”. Patriarchy gave men leeway to do whatever.

  • words are powerful in general , everything you say has a meaning.

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