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  • Lilly, I find your article very important in these times. With extremism on the high, knowing the signs of it and how to avoid it is crucial.
    If you were to perhaps include some stories on its dangers, it would add a level of narrative that would be real engaging for all those who read it.

  • Amanda, thank you for pointing out how police brutality can be seen the world over. Often, in our current media and geopolitics, most news is seen as American-centric, and more often than not, certain problems seen in other countries go unnoticed since they don’t get the media attention here in the states.
    If my understanding is correct, there is…Read More

  • Great post, Vilhelm!
    I found your reasoning as to why America cannot be defined is most right, as well as optimistic. In today’s age, we may find ourselves locked in a perpetual cycle of pessimism, especially when it comes to politics, where others often decry America for its problems. Rather than striving to fix it, however, they often just…Read More

  • Milo wrote a new post

    Bears Ears National Monument and the Antiquities Act

    This week, after reading over this New York Times article, I learned more about how the motion to reduce Bears Ears National Monument, among other protected lands, first began. Back in mid-2017, former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed such...

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    • Hey Milo!
      As a Utahn and as someone interested in conservation, I find the debate around Bears Ears to be fascinating. I’d be curious to learn more about the impact of the changes in land designation to national recreation areas or other designations because the more I look into the issue the more complex the designations are. For example, why are some lands National Historic Sites and others are National Historic Parks? The debate upon Bears Ears seems to touch on this issue.
      I know some folks believe that the Antiquities Act itself is a violation of separation of powers, so I would like to read the legal arguments around it.
      Overall, this is a fascinating and diverse issue! Thanks for writing!

  • Milo wrote a new post

    On Bears Ears National Monument

    This week, after overlooking this Washington Post article, which I found through Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints on the Utah Online Library, I read more into the different perspectives of and parties in this conflict over the past 5...

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