• I thought it was great that you opened up and talked a bit about your problems with depression. Being a mother and being depressed isn’t a great combination but you’re working hard to get through it and be there for your daughter. I didn’t really know that a large number of students are dealing with depression and anxiety go untreated. Do you…[Read more]

  • I found it interesting that a school in Texas gave an in school suspension to a student for wearing makeup. I’m glad that many people found it ridiculous and decided to do something about it. I thought this was really great and i really liked how you talked about your own experiences with your school and their makeup rules.

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    This was great and informative! I thought it was really great and i learned some information. It was good that you brought up the part about how most of them are careful with the law. People think of them as just criminals but it’s good you talked about how they did things for the economy. Do you think you could find information about how much in…[Read more]

  • Women’s rights have always been a huge debate in history. Women have had to protest for their right to own property, education, vote, and to be treated as equals to men. Even now women still need to protest for

    • There is a lot of issues with the way that politicians deal with abortion. For me by far the most annoying argument, as you mentioned, is that it is like”killing life”. The reason this makes me mad is because there are so many kids in the US dying from issues like hunger, and suffering from homelessness, but they want to focus on what is happening inside of a women’s body instead. They only care about the “child” when it’s in the woman’s body, but once it comes out they could care less. How could they possibly say that they are pro life when they are letting real humans die in this country? These politicians need to stop caring about a fetus that isn’t even born yet, and serve the people who they pledges to serve and care for.

    • I agree with the stance on being pro choice because a woman should be able to choose whether or not to follow through with a pregnancy, but I feel as if there should be a cut off limit to how long she could take to make this choice. This time limit being until the fetus can feel pain because that is around 27 weeks into the pregnancy, which would give a woman enough time to make a choice on whether or not she wishes to continue the pregnancy or not.

    • I agree with this perspective on abortion. This article is very well written and explains how abortion isn’t always about “killing an innocent life”. Many women are living different lives, and have their own reasons to have an abortion and everyone must respect that. Health issues, money issues, are things that we must take into consideration when understanding why a woman might have an abortion. Supporting and helping women is something that we must all do.

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      Dear Mariana I agree with your article, woman should have the right to make the decision to follow through a full pregnancy. The fetus could not survive without the mother and if the mother decides to not want to continue the pregnancy she should because it is connected to her and her alone. Thank you for your detailed and very informative article!

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    My brother has always been the most supportive person in my family when it came to my art. He bought me my first sketchbook when he saw me doodling random things in my notebooks. He bought me any art supply I

    • I can relate, I love drawing and it’s only fun when you”re creating on your own time. It’s a great hobby to have when you’re stressed out.

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