• Desdemona


    My noble father,

    I do perceive here a divided duty:

    To you I am bound for life and education;

    My life and education both do learn me

    How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;

    I am

  • mia,
    I found your post very interesting. I really liked the bit about how american society and values has almost created and epidemic of anxiety and mental illness. I live in Utah which has the fifth heights suicide rate in the nation and is considered by some to be the number one state for mental illness in adults. When you talk about how we…[Read more]

  • Ronnie,
    this is a super important topic especially now that both POTUS, congress, and possibly the supreme court under conservative control. Since we live in a republican state our reproductive rights are already hanging on a thread and I’m worried that under the new adminstration that we could loose them totally. luckily there are lots of people…[Read more]

  • The research question for my essay was “what is the true cause behind addiction and relapse?”. It is easy to see why people associate poverty, will power, mental illness, genetics, and personal value with drug add

    • wow, i find this fascinating. i really liked how you focused on more of the scientific reasoning from addiction. we also have the same opinion on who should go to jail. the dangerous people who kill others rather than a person that bought 1 gram of cannabis.

    • Dear Melissa,
      I found your topic of drug addiction research to be incredibly compelling. All of the research you sited reminded me of what happened in Portugal, where the government made radical changes in their country’s drug policy based on the scientific research that had been coming in (https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/05/portugals-radical-drugs-policy-is-working-why-hasnt-the-world-copied-it ).They went from having one of the worst drug problems in the world to being one of the best nations for addiction. I think you could use this in your essay. Great job so far!

  • octavio,
    You do have a pretty cool name. I think its interesting that you are more attached to your mothers maiden name since most people go by their fathers name, however it makes sense to identify with the side of the family that you are closer with. its interesting to look up the meanings behind your name even if that wasn’t the reason for…[Read more]

  • Beth, in religion class we learned about the cruelty of the US prison system but they did not focus much on the treatment of women in prisons. its interesting to see the ways in which sexism impact lives even at the most fundamental level. I’m doing my project on drug use and I’m learning all about how unfairly the US prison system targets the…[Read more]

  • Bergland, Christopher. “Neuroscience Suggests That We’re All ‘Wired’ for Addiction.”Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 26 Aug. 2016, http://www.psy

  • Bella!
    I love your topic! Its super interesting. Being sad is one of the many inevitability of life and it isn’t always a bad thing. Feeling sad is a natural reaction and I’m sure has some evolutionary advantage that I would love to learn more about. Addiction requires a dependency on substance, action, or in this case, a feeling. Just like how we…[Read more]

  • Hi Zachary,
    this post was great. By explaining these terms you very clearly explained racism in a modern world. As I read through your post I was able to think of or imagine examples of various types of racism that I think often go unnoticed. you mentioned that reverse racism is a controversial term. my own opinion is that there is no such thing.…[Read more]

  • Abuse, National Institute on Drug. “Why Do Drug Use Disorders Often Co-Occur with Other Mental Illnesses?” NIDA, www

  • elias,
    you sound like an extreme adrenalin junkie! I applaud your desire for hard, intense, and risky work. I find the reasons you want to be a surgeon interesting and to some degree understandable. I think being a doctor is very stressful and it is those that seek it out that perform the best. It sounds like you have a good understanding of your…[Read more]

  • Hey John,
    Lab mice and pigs have been used for experiments for decades. We recently used pigs in a genetic engineering experiment using CRISPER and are looking forward to human trials. I do not think it is vaccines and medications people are angry about being tested on animals since we often do much less relevant experiment on mice. However I…[Read more]

  • Abuse, National Institute on Drug. “Principles of Effective Treatment.” NIDA, www

    • Dear Missy,
      I’m glad that you decided to write about this. This issue right here has the potential to greatly harm society. Many people nowadays use prescription medication or other drugs to treat mental illness and other disorders. Some articles I’ve read, like https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/medications-treat-disorders#3-7 say they do help. But others have said that just simply trying to be happy has the same effect (if not greater) in treating mental illness. Is this what you believe? I would love for you to write about this.

    • Dear Missy,
      This blog was really informative. The message was clear in that drugs aren’t the solution to prevent other addictions. I myself am doing a project on addiction and what I’ve learned is that addiction is only a coping mechanism or side effect of a person trying to rid themselves of unwanted feelings. In my opinion if one were to rid themselves of their addiction they would only be removing the way they cope with trauma. So to get over your addiction you must focus on feeling the unwanted feelings you’ve been pushing away.

    • Missy,
      This was a really cool article. I really enjoyed the way that you wrote it and the quotes that you used where very effective. I also like the way that you look at many different drugs and the effects that each one has on your body and brain.

  • Cheryl,
    I know that I am guilty of bombarding myself with too much information. With so much available its hard to pick out what is correct and even harder to find what is important. I think its interesting that our brains function better when handling less information. This post reminded me of some of the reasons people are so found of…[Read more]

  • Nathan,
    The US prison system values punishment over reform, rather than help people suffering from various socioeconomic factors traps them in a inescapable system. I wrote my post of the war on drugs which resulted in millions of people imprisoned for non violent crimes. The US stands alone on its harsh punishments and long sentences for…[Read more]

  • The war on drugs, the supposed “public enemy number one”, established under the Nixon administration and intensified under Reagan has been a colossal failure. The logic behind the war on drugs was if you eliminate

  • Isaac, I’ve never thought how the acceptance of drug use has allowed from increasing amounts of drug abuse and i totally agree. on the other hand I also think the lifting of the stigma has allowed for better treatment. im not sure if the lifting of the stigma increased drug abuse or just makes us more aware of it. either way i do agree the the…[Read more]

  • hello sofia,
    i totally agree that there is a real and prevalent hook up culture though I don’t think that dystopian literature I views meaningless sex as a threat to a free and open society. I think the powers in dystopian novels fear love not sex and those are two very different things. they fear love because it connects people and allows them…[Read more]

  • All dystopian novels have certain attributes in common: oppressive governments, propagandist mass media, restrictions on free thinking. All of these common traits are meant to be used as commentary on contemporary

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