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“The Glamourization of Mental Illness” Article Summary

“The Glamourization of Mental Illness” discusses the root of inaccurate portrayals of mental illness becoming trends on social media. It started with people making an effort to spread awareness and normalize talking about struggles with mental illness. But some people began to glamorize and romanticize things such as depression and suicide for the validation from likes. Which hurts people who […]

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Why We Need to Stop Judging Mental Illness article summary

In the article, “Why We Need to Stop Judging Mental Illness”, the author describes the common misconceptions of mental illness and the widespread effects of stigmatization. The impact of mental illness being inaccurately represented in communities and media results in people who need the help not receiving it, biased medical treatment, and ultimately impacts the majority of the economy. More […]

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A Man’s Search for Meaning

The book I chose is titled, “A Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. I love this book because it is educational and emotional. I think this is a great book to read because of its important themes throughout. Frankl shares his story of surviving in concentration camps during World War II. The book so far only takes place […]

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Americans on Climate Change

This article about Americans’ views on climate change has a lot of information from studies and surveys. From a Yale study, they concluded that there are “six americas”: the alarmed, the concerned, the cautious, the disengaged, the doubtful, and the dismissive. Half of these groups don’t necessarily believe in climate change and according to the study, most of the deniers […]

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