Have you ever said that you were OCD while making a few files neat or making sure your food is not touching? Have you ever said you are OCD for making your room super neat and tidy? Well sorry t

    • Thank you for this article. I have minor OCD and it bothers me to no end when people misuse the term OCD. Luckily, my OCD doesn’t take over my life and I’m able to sometimes control my rituals, but for those who have it worse off, it ruins their lives and this is why I too find it offensive when people misuse the term. Thanks for the post!

    • Emily,
      I really enjoyed the passion of this post and I liked the points you brought up about the common misconceptions. I have personally fallen into the habit of saying “im OCD about that” and such in the past. I have been working on stopping that because of the people that actually suffer from it. Your points have only grown my understanding of OCD. Thank you.
      Helpful link: https://iocdf.org/blog/2017/10/03/help-seperate-ocd-myths-from-the-facts/

    • Emily,
      I really enjoyed this post because I often hear people say they have OCD as a joke. This post shows how serious OCD really is and that it is not a joking matter. Having you room clean all the time or being a neat freak does not make someone OCD. When you explained that the rituals help those with OCD cope with other, maybe violent thought, it explained it to me a way that it has not been explained before. You may find interesting facts in the article when you’re doing future research: http://beyondocd.org/ocd-facts/what-is-ocd .

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