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    Should Student Debt Be Forgiven?

    In the article, “Should Student Debt Be Forgiven?” (BTW, admin on May 20, 2022) I have learned that President Biden is continuing a policy, former President Donald Trump had made during the Covid-19 pandemic to forgive student debt and...

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    Dear Fatima,

    I enjoyed your post, “Glasses are Helpful” because I also wear glasses myself and relate to your pros and cons of them. I personally only need to use them to see far away but again glasses were made to benefit others and their vision. It was hard for me to adjust to them but I managed and now Im used to them though I still…Read More

  • Dear Ascha,

    I am now knowledgeable about your post, “Mental Health Awareness in Schools,” because you share your concerns about mental illness and health in the school system and how it can impact on someone. At times not a lot of schools offer safe spaces for students to reach out and discuss their problems. Yet there are schools that chose to…Read More

  • Dear Ariana,

    I am completely blown away by your post, “The benefits of Strict Gun Laws” because of how you discuss and explain both parties’ arguments about why gun laws should or shouldn’t be restricted. When highlighting the benefits that would come with more restricted gun laws it made me so hopeful and optimistic for the future. To make…Read More

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