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  • Hey Antonia!

    The text you talking about, “Are You Addicted to Your phone?” is a really great debate topic! The stats you’re talking about, “Americans check their phone every 12 minutes and in China 24 million people ages 6 to 29 are internet addicts.” was really cool to find out.

    I’ve never known that but in my own personal life. I know I c…Read More

  • Hi Maddison,

    You don’t talk much about this issue but it seems to say that you think that having extra activities to do after school could improve the mental health of many. Things such as sports, clubs, or even hobbies.

    I just wanted to say that I completely disagree!!!! Personally, I stay after school for so long and many days of the week,…Read More

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    School Social Media Free Speech Case

    In the article, "School Social Media Free Speech Case" (BTW, July 14, 2021) Discusses a Case that rose into action by the public, whether schools should intervene, in students' social media posts to ensure they are not bullying other...

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    • Dear Melina,

      I am pleasant about your post “School Social Media Free Speech Case” because schools should only have rights to authorize what happens at school. The school violated Brandi’s first amendment freedom of speech I think it was a intolerable decision to be made.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “The post was reported and the school announced that Brandi would no longer be able to attend any cheerleading activities.” I think this was uncalled for because she was only stating her opinion about the cheer team.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because, this topic was great as students we should have the right to post anything outside of school who gets offended to it is their problem and shouldn’t become a punishment. I’m willing to see more topics about the norms that should be talked about and stood up for.


  • Melina commented on the post, Cash or Card?

    Hi Christian

    Im pretty intrigued by your post even just reading the title, “Cash or Card?”. As soon as I saw it and read the little description, I was hooked just because it deeply concerns my family and me. My parents use cash and aren’t the best at using technology and even though I know how to use a debit card, I still prefer to pay for…Read More

  • Melina wrote a new post

    Should the minimum wage be raised?

    In the article, "YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage" (BTW, btwuser, 2021) I have been shown both viewpoints on whether the minimum wage should be raised higher or stay the same. Some of the main concerns revolved around this...

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