Sex Trafficking is something many of us Americans have heard about or talked about, but we never really have been truly educated about it. Nor have we truly understood how big of

  • I think this is very well put and I believe that the way you listed such statistics about things people normally don’t hear about was very moving. Most people don’t realize how big of a deal world hunger it is and how many people it effects.

  • The way you designed your info graphic with statistics is very convincing and thought provoking. I believe that less pressure needs to be put on students because they are all dealing with things that people don’t know about.

  • The Syrian War seems to be a huge issue in the present day. I really think it was smart to add the part that said “possible solutions” to add more of a positive spin on things.

  • Here is an infographic my group and I created to give people a better understanding about sex trafficking and its effects in America.


    Jason, Emily and Melaina

    • Interesting infographic you put some really good examples. The only question I have is how do you know the adult services is forced? What if people chooses to do it on their own.


    Annotations as to how sex trafficking works and how horrible it is in America.


    Jason, Emily and Melaina

    • Hi Melaina,
      I think this topic is very important to discuss. I think you did a great job pulling out notes in your annotations. Sex trafficking a serious topics and many people are not able to find the signs of harm when just walking down the street or going over to a guy friends house. I think you were able to pull out things that will allow readers to further their learning about the topic.

  • Celia, your piece is well said. I think you have discovered something that not many people today understand, you were able to think about how others might be feeling and realizing that that is bigger than yourself. Being white shouldn’t make you feel embarrassed , and I hope it doesn’t even though some people in the past have been racist it…[Read more]

  • I found this character analysis very interesting because I wrote mine about Huck Finn, whom I believe is Tom Sawyers foil. I completely I agree with the idea that Tom is overly adventurous at times and that causes other people to follow in his footsteps, and it normally ends badly. Do you think that Tom Sawyer was a huge influence on Huck? One…[Read more]


    Huck Finn is the main character in the story, Huckleberry Finn by Mark twain. He’s thirteen, is short and has brown hair. Readers learn right off the bat that he is very adventurous, but is very logical at th

    • This was very well written and I love how many examples you gave. You used them to show how Huck represents different problems in society that are found between the lines. You gave a clear picture as to what Huck looks like and how he acts as a young boy. I think this is great work! Good Job!

    • Melaina,
      This moral compass piece if Huck is very well written. I agree 100% with you on the idea that Huck was created to be a representation of a poor moral compass. I also think that the quote you integrated in your text shows how huck really grew as a character.

  • Shannon, I think this is very insightful. It really opened my eyes about some of the insider struggles of our government. Forcing views in someone is definitely not the way to go about things, and being in America we are a melting pot and we all don’t believe in the same things which is okay.

  • Ben, I really like how you related censorship to the exposure of religion. I think it is important, especially today, that we teach our generation and generations to come, how to be more open minded. Your religion might be a part of who you are, but it doesn’t define who you are. The stigmas and the stereotypes have to go, we are all similar in…[Read more]

  • Recently I read an article that opposed D.A.R.E ( Drug Abuse Resistance Education). This is a program that is normally implemented into 5th/6th grade education.  This program educates a lot of kids who aren’t

    • Nice work Melaina. I really liked your work. I agree that even with or without the implementation of the DARE program, it’s up to the kids who are in the program to make the choices. I also think that DARE will help scare those students into staying away from bad choices that are shown through DARE. Your essay was short but concise, and also included important details. Great job!

    • Nice work Melaina, I like your point about drug and DARE program. I think as long as children realize how thee drugs would damage us and is very dangerous, it will decrease the using of drug in the younger age. DARE program can help younger people living in a better live and enjoy the beautiful of the world. Good job!

  • Wow Carmen! This essay is very well said. I think your dad is extremely lucky to have you as a daughter. As difficult as it may have been back then, you definitely learned valuable lessons from a young age that not everyone learns. In our generation people have a hard time embracing differences. Although, there can be language barriers, it…[Read more]

  • Irene, your observations are exactly right!! I find it ironic that they fight about petty things and try to kill each other but preach about love at church. It’s like they’re in a whole separate world inside the church and hearing the sermon. It’s also interesting to me that they don’t even know the reason that they’re fighting.

  • You were able to really analyze this passage in a way I feel a lot of people might not be able to. Which is amazing!! Overall there is A LOT of irony in this passage. I think it is a big deal to Huck, (who has never had a true family) that he learns it isn’t all about an upper class family who has everything. Jim is becoming his family and the…[Read more]

  • Joseph, this is easily one of the best papers I have read so far! Maybe because this topic is so relatable, but I can feel the defeat you felt but also your redemption as you got better and were the best. I understand this idea, and I believe that our success comes out of failure. You know you’re trying hard if you make a mistake and learn from…[Read more]

  • Chapter 3 summary:

    In chapter 3 a major point is prayer. When Ms. Watson and Widow Douglas try to talk about prayer to Huck, they try to explain selflessness and empathy, but he finds it pointless. Huck is then

    • Melaina, I liked your analysis about this piece, looking at a moment where Mark Twain uses a touchy topic in his book. Great job for having a good eye to see this. I agree that Twain was a risky writer and included other subjects that provoked some controversy. Also, I think that another big example of his will to risk things is including slave life in the south, which caused his book to be banned during his time. I also agree that Huck’s “teachings” from his dad caused him to misbehave and have him have an internal struggle in the religion Miss Watson and Widow Douglas is trying to teach him. Nice work!

  • Malia, this is a great post! I really believe that confidence and self- esteem are two very important things to be successful life. How you handle life situations (positively or negatively) really changes depending on how you see yourself. From a young age my dad pushed me to have “positive self talk”. This has really helped me through sports and…[Read more]

  • I think this is a really great topic of research. Plenty of people talk about sports performance, but not enough people talk about the mental aspect. This is what makes or breaks you. Understanding the importance of self esteem and self confidence is an important element in order to be a leader and succeed. Be able to shake off your mistakes and…[Read more]

  • Melaina commented on the post, My Stress 3 years, 4 months ago

    I think that this is a really great essay because this is a topic that bothers a lot of teenagers. Most people don’t know how to deal with stress nor do they know how much damage it can cause to your body. For you to care about your health and research is awesome. Striving to be the best person you can be and doing good to others is fantastic,…[Read more]

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