• MeganC

Claire, I think your post was very interesting! The part when you said “ COVID-19 has taken control of the lives of many beginning in March 2020” really sticks out to me. All of our lives have been drastically changed in almost every aspect. Wearing masks is something that we...

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  • @MeganC
  • February 22, 2021

Peyton, I really liked your post! I think that it was very interesting that “he believed that 90% of what they teach their students will never be used in their lives and they are wasting their time.” I thought this was so interesting because this is coming from a teacher’s...

Maddie, I really enjoyed this blog post! I definitely agree that there is a stigmatism around mental health in which people believe they can simply fix it. I think that it is important to realize that sometimes when you are trying to help, you may end up making things worse....

Mary, I really enjoyed this post because I am a really big fan of Harry Styles. I think that the topic you discussed within your blog is a very important and relevant theme today. I believe that the fashion norms are becoming more diverse and accepting of pretty much anything....

Maggie, I really enjoyed reading your post and found it very interesting! I really like how you focused on the positive impact that technology has had on empathy, especially the ability to further communicate through technological advances. I have always assumed that technology would have more of a negative...

Ceceli, I really liked how you showed both positive and negative aspects of being an only child. Having multiple siblings, I’ve always wondered what being an only child was like, and I had never considered that only children would have increased intelligence and creativity. I think it would be...

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