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    Today i Very happy because my teacher are so funny

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    In the Powtoon that I want to share is ,choice, Teachers Language, Clear guidelines, and Interaction through connecting .
    the challenges is choices the background, doing the matches sound with the poem also choices the music that i would like to choose actually is hard to choose.
    I deal that the challenges in the powtoon is pictures, music,…[Read more]

  • Also I want say why i think technology makes us to go a scary place because I play the Romance Game Every single day and everyday watch scary video or just a video on”Youtube” so sometimes My eyes will be tired

  • That’s great, I like your article . You argue that technology that will makes human be lazy, because the technology is like a drug holding you go a scare place.

  • Megan commented on the post, Mistakes Over A Mistake 1 year ago

    Thanks smiley, I like you wrote by this sentence ”From all this, I see nothing about deal with mistake, I see another mistake build over another mistake. Maybe this is a sensitive topic to research, but they should be remember and live under justice.” it’s right because another mistake will come it up, and mistakes should be fix.

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    I interest in working on now that I can choose my own XP is Photography/ Image 6 word memoir special Room, Day in my Life
    Because I want to know more about the Image in my own design.

  • In the future how many years will the people work in the future? Why would they be so busy? How many hours will they work in the future? 

    I already know some people are in the AT&T unit will have the

  • Megan posted an update in the group Group logo of 2018 Summer ELLs Academy2018 Summer ELLs Academy 1 year, 1 month ago

    How many years did the people work in the future?
    I Choose this question because I want to know that they have a good time or bad time.

  • Point of View Writing

    Yes the people are beautiful like the color white paper

    but some people  smell like they don’t take  showers

    but the platform is up high, and

    The air is  fresh and  it make me feels

    • Dear Megan,I like the way you use imagery to give me a clear whiff of how the subway near you live. Its funny how you told the truth put still was able to capture the feeling. Judging by the smells you described im sure you hate it, as do I. I liked in line 3 when you said ” the platform is too high” do you have any suggestions for MTA? Possibly to make it shorter and safer ?

    • Dear Megan :

      I am amazed with the ways in which you described a real experience many New Yorkers experience. “Megan’s My Beautiful Neighborhood spoke to me because I have had multiple experiences like the one you described. Also I enjoyed your wording and the realism you showed me. The line you wrote that stands out to me was “The air is fresh and it make me feels good as I am standing there”. This line reminds me to be grateful for the MTA. I think is important because even though it may be bothersome at times, it makes me remember how much the MTA assists me in going to school despite all of the issues.

      Another sentence that I connected to was “The inside of the subway has the bird poop”. This made me chuckle because of the true presence of this in the MTA. This reminds me of the time that I took the train to school in the morning and there were so many pigeons flocked around. They were chirping so loud, and it was still morning! I was very tired, but I still had a great love for the MTA system.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you really have a way with words. I felt that it was so coincidental that we both have an interest in the MTA. I would appreciate it if you could possibly take some time and possibly check out my blog on the MTA!


      We also have an instagram account: @teensforthemta
      Thank you so much for your writing and I hope you check it out!

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    I interested it’s about Gun Control because I like to protect everybody and don’t let they not be hurt by bad guy
    If I could design my own class I would like to design Gun Control class it is about the Gun control
    The information it would be about Gun Control. Ha Ha

    • Megan, this is a great topic to explore! There are many students involved in gun control activism across the country right now. You could research what they are doing to improve their communities and the country!

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  • Megan posted an update in the group Group logo of 2018 Summer ELLs Academy2018 Summer ELLs Academy 1 year, 1 month ago

    Why my neighborhood in Brooklyn makes dirty and smells

  • 語音_180711

    My name is Megan Wu and I was born in 2001. I am 16 years old. I have live in Brooklyn in school. I like to been a volunteer, and when I am out of school  I like to do more volunteer, I am part

    • Megan
      Thank you for sharing your immigration story.

      My students and I in Philadelphia have been learning about the internal and external conflicts that immigrants experience in the USA and around the world. I am going to encourage them to respond to your post.


    • Dear Menga,

      I am Excited about your Me, Immigration, AND Justice because I like you said you are good at helping children and kids. I like this too.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “ I became good at this because I have a older sister to help me how to do a good volunteer and to take care of the kids or children.” I think this is grateful because I have a younger brother, when my younger brother was young, I was take care him. And I like to take care him, he is cute.

      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to know about you volunteer.

  • Megan posted an update in the group Group logo of 2018 Summer ELLs Academy2018 Summer ELLs Academy 1 year, 1 month ago

    Maria and I both students. I am from Taiwan, but Maria is from Pakistan.
    we have different that we live in different borough , we watch a different movies, and we had everything different.

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