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    Dear Janie and Chris,

    I could see your frustration throughout your thoughts on bullying. I could relate to this also because as for myself when I was in elementary I got bullied too. Being bullied at a young age really puts down your self-esteem because your just a kid and getting told something bad, just because how you look? I understand why…[Read more]

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  • Dear Katie,

    I am showing the same amount of emotion with your response on students with limited speech because I agree with your statement. Your statements are very bold and prominent.

    One sentence that stands out for is, ” Another reason why schools should not have authority to limit what you say online because it depends on the time and place…[Read more]

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    Schools should be able to limit students because even though that’s violating the law, they shouldn’t feel free to say any bad thing they want, I don’t think that students should be saying vulgar words to other

    • Jose replied 1 year ago

      Dear Jesus,
      I agree about your essay “freedom of speech” because you are giving many reasons why bullying affects people. One sentences you wrote that stands out for me is when you wrote “they need to stop and know if there passing the limit” I think this is important to know because a person has to know if it hurts the feelings of others. They have to know where to take the conversation so that other people do not feel offended or hurt.Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like the way you are more focused on the victims of bullying than on the people who bullied.
      -Jose Ramos

    • Sophie replied 1 year ago

      This article is very intersting and straightforward. I like how you added the teacher’s piont of very and enlightened us on the idea that teachers may alos fall victim to online abuse. Here is an article you may find interesting https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/cyberbullying-what-teachers-and-schools-can-do/

    • Thank you for your thoughts Jesus. Your essay takes on many important issues, and you manage to include a lot of ideas that help your argument. Its a very tough predicament that these people are in, and the answer is not always clear-cut. In my opinion a better definition of bullying would help to keep kids safe, and give more control to teachers in this situation. This article talks more about that: https://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/changing-the-way-oklahoma-defines-bullying-in-schools . I hope to read more of your writing in the future!

    • This essay is right to the point, and is thurough about the issue at hand. I appreciated the part in this essay where you incorporated in the teacher’s account on bullying. This is not just something that affects kids, and you really brought that to light.

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