• The term “fake news” has rapidly increased in usage and meaning over the past two years. A quote popularized by President Trump, it is used to make reputable news sources seem like liars. Many people are con

  • Hi Elisa, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I really appreciated getting to read about you and your life. I would be curious to hear about the fire that you experienced when you were younger and how it affected you. It was really cool to hear that you like to act because I also really enjoy acting and performing, so I related to…[Read more]

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    Emma, what you said really resonated with me. Learning to embrace the uncomfortable and use it to make yourself better can be really challenging, but also really beneficial. Like you said, it teaches you about yourself and makes you a stronger person. You have a really interesting, honest perspective on this subject and I’d be interested to hear…[Read more]

  • Nicolette, I want to start of by telling you how happy I am that you shared your story. It is stories like yours that will help break the stereotypes of mental health problems. I can relate to some of what you say; it can be so hard to realize how worthy we are of love. I am so proud of you for coming to a point of realization and reminding…[Read more]

  • Madi, I appreciated how you discussed both sides of the debate, because I believe it made your argument stronger. The discussion of both sides can be helpful for both readers and the development of the argument. I found this article https://www.thoughtco.com/arguments-for-and-against-abortion-3534153 to simplify the debate surrounding abortion. I…[Read more]

  • Accusations of sexual assault have been prevalent for the news over the past few years. Recently, an accusation about Judge Brett Kavanaugh made headlines as he was in the process of being confirmed to the Supreme

    • Maggie, this is a great essay! Your writing is very compelling and I really enjoyed reading this. I can relate to this because I am also very upset about how Americans are desensitized to sexual assault and I wrote about the upsetting confirmation of Mr. Kavanaugh in my Sociobiography. I thought it was very interesting that the female Democratic senators were not allowed to talk to Mr. Kavanaugh. I had no idea about this and this makes the situation more upsetting. In conjunction with your statements about the arrests, I found this interesting article by The Washington Post about how 128 people were arrested after a anti-Kavanaugh protest. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future!


    • Maggie, I really enjoyed this post. I did not know that so many women were held by police for protesting. I particularly liked when you said, “It is time that we stop condoning sexual assault and giving offenders power.” This was a powerful line because it plays into the frustration that many people are feeling right now about Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. I would love to know what you would say to people who argue that there was not enough evidence to prove that Mr. Kavanaugh assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. You may find this Atlantic article about why Susan Collins voted to confirm Kavanaugh interesting: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/10/susan-collinss-kavanaugh-sexual-assault/572347/.

  • Tori, I first want to commend your bravery in writing about such a personal topic. You are helping to get rid of the stigma behind mental health illnesses. I personally related to the part where you said, ” Constantly feeling like someone is watching you,sweaty hands and feeling a nervous ball at the pit of your stomach.” I thought that this was a…[Read more]

  • Olivia, your argument is articulate and well-researched. I agree with the fact that gerrymandering is a big problem is the US. Until gerrymandering ends, elections in America won’t be fair. I particularly enjoyed when you said, “In other words, our elections are being corroded by the people on the inside taking shortcuts or twisting the rules to…[Read more]

  • Mariah, I think your article was articulate and very well supported. Your use of statistics made this article comprehensive and easy to understand. Your article was very interesting and I think you did a great job!

  • For the majority of schools in America, students are graded on a letter scale. It is common knowledge that an ‘A’ represents success and an ‘F’ represents failure. However, research has shown that as student

    • Very excellent points, Maggie! I think that you definitely nailed down the idea of how students are striving to become “straight A” students. The direct link to anxiety was a very convincing one, and it’s something that’s tangibly and visibly present in my own day-to-day life. It’s something that I struggle with, and many others do. That was beautifully conveyed here! Well done!

    • These are all great points and they are all very compelling! I loved how you commented on the decline in acceptance rates at top colleges because that is very applicable and often understated. The Cheney High School teacher has an interesting approach and I’m glad you included that in your response. I was able to relate to quite a lot of this! Nice job, Maggie!

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