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How helpful are vaccinations?

In my last post I was just beginning the process of writing my research essay. Now this is the finished product. I am excited to share this with you. Will vaccines hurt my child’s quality of life? First time parents have a lot to think about before and after having a child. The care of this little human is their […]

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More information on to vaccinate or not to vaccinate

As I have began to research I started by looking at broad articles about vaccinations, then I looked at texts from both points of view. I, personally agree with vaccination. I was interested to learn and explore why other people did not, this was my next step. I started researching and gathering information about why parents were not choosing to […]

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

In the next few weeks I will be writing a research paper for my Expository writing class. For this research essay I will be addressing is why it is better to be vaccinated than not. The topic of vaccination is very controversial and sparks a conversation because people have a ton of different opinions and reasons why or why not […]

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Goldfish are more than just a prize

Just like humans, fish can feel fear, pain, and stress. For many years goldfish have been given out as prizes for winning games at fairs and carnivals. Most people wouldn’t think about what happens to them after they are given away as a prize. Unfortunately most of them do not live for too much longer. Thousands of goldfish are given […]

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“A feeling of great pleasure or happiness,” this is joy, there are a number of reasons this is my favorite word. First, because I love the meaning of the word, it reminds me of so many great memories. One of those memories being when my mom, grandma, and I got matching heart tattoos two summers ago, and that heart symbolizes […]

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