• Hi Eric,
    I found this post to be interesting, it really got me thinking on how the internet might influence us and our thinking. We spend so much time on the internet reading articles, and social media and so on. I agree with your last paragraph, it is our responsibility to keep thinking and challenging our brain.

  • In my last post I was just beginning the process of writing my research essay. Now this is the finished product. I am excited to share this with you.

    Will vaccines hurt my child’s quality of life? First time p

  • As I have began to research I started by looking at broad articles about vaccinations, then I looked at texts from both points of view. I, personally agree with vaccination. I was interested to learn and explore

  • I love this! It is so true, I can’t tell you how many times I pick my dog up or other animals and love to hold them and cuddle with them. I thought the facts at the end were very interesting too!

  • In the next few weeks I will be writing a research paper for my Expository writing class. For this research essay I will be addressing is why it is better to be vaccinated than not. The topic of vaccination is

    • McKenna, I am actually really interested in reading your article because this is something that has been interesting to me as well. My mom and I have different opinions on this topic and we argue about whether vaccinations are beneficial or not. Hopefully after reading your piece, I will know more about this topic and both sides of this issue.

    • McKenna,
      This is a great topic to write about! I suggest the CDC, the WHO, and medical journals to do research for your paper. I hope that the research you find will better inform people so they can know if it is safe, and or beneficial to vaccinate. I would also read specially about the increased rates of autism in rich countries, you may be surprised at the real reason the rates are going up. Hope this helps!

    • This is a very interesting topic. I’ve heard people fight about this in school and in public, so it’s obviously a heated topic. I’d love to see your opinion on the topic and what you find out in your research.

    • McKenna,

      This is a great topic! I am interested to see how you back up your arguments and if there is some connection between vaccines and autism. I myself feel that I need to be more informed about this as I will soon be 18 and have to make my own medical decisions. I would love to see what you find out.

  • Hi Elizabeth, I found this essay super interesting,and I completely agree with your statements. I think nowadays homework is just assigned because it “should” be, not to benefit us as learners. I learn much better if I am in class and able to go up to the teacher or ask a friend for help in that moment. If I am at home and cannot have access to a…[Read more]

  • Hi Luke, I found this to be a very interesting essay. It is so sad to see animals treated poorly for the benefit of us, I understand it is vital to helping everyone though as well. Hopefully soon in the future we can find an alternate way to do this.

  • Just like humans, fish can feel fear, pain, and stress. For many years goldfish have been given out as prizes for winning games at fairs and carnivals. Most people wouldn’t think about what happens to them after t

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    “A feeling of great pleasure or happiness,” this is joy, there are a number of reasons this is my favorite word. First, because I love the meaning of the word, it reminds me of so many great memories. One of t

    • Dear McKenna, I really find this post to be interesting because I myself am a really happy and joyful person and it’s amazing learning the story behind the word itself. Something that interested me was when you stated in your post “First, because I love the meaning of the word, it reminds me of so many great memories.” I loved how you shifted the word into a memory and gave an example of it, I just found it to be amazing. I feel like you dragged just a little bit but it was still very good, I love how you made comparisons.

      Regards Amanpreet Dhillon

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