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    “God I hate that word, it just makes my skin crawl.” When I think about my favorite word this is the first thing that comes to mind. The individual responsible for this is my aunt Sheila. It was a cool Than

    • Hi Drew, I agree with your point, I also carry a mutual dislike for the word, “moist”. I think this is a general opinion across most individuals and I believe this is due to the way this word rolls off the tongue. The hard “t” combined with the preceding “s” is a recipe for a nasty sounding word. I also believe this is due to the nature of objects that this word tends to describe. When someone hears this word, it triggers a response within their brain that begins to replay every terrible noise of chewing, stirring mac ‘n cheese, and all things moist that lurk in the depths of a person’s sensory memory. I found this article that you may find interesting: http://mentalfloss.com/article/64984/science-behind-why-people-hate-word-moist

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