• I thought that this research paper went extremely well. I thought that there was an abundant amount of information that I was able to cover. I was a little worried about the fact that there wasn’t a lot of e

  • As I continue with my research project I have take one of the first steps in completing my annotated bibliography. The point of this is to compile all of my web based and print based sources that I have used to

  • For the research paper that we get the opportunity to do I intend to address the effects of concussions on the brain. This is a very interesting question because there are so many different pieces of evidence and

  • Sara, I think you did a great job stating your argument and claims. But, I do have to disagree that more gun control is the answer. I personally believe that if someone really wants a gun than they will do whatever they ant to get it. In short I think that people themselves are the problem not the guns.

  • Chloe, I thought it was very interesting how much truth is in this article. I, on daily basis, find myself talking in what would be short hand. I also liked the fact that you used both sides of the argument, that made your article much more reliable and credible. I do think that the fact that we talk in short hand could be bad because some people…[Read more]

  • In the world we are in today the ability to peacefully protest is one of the most important tools you can have. It is the main tool that any person that resides in our country should be able to use at any point

    • I really like your post. I think they demonstrated such bravery, and they stood up for what they believed in. I think that they were not being disrespectful, the flag is supposed to stand for freedom, and having the freedom to do this is what America is about

    • I really like your post. Police brutality is a problem. I feel like this is a big problem in America right now. A lot of NFL players are kneeling and telling the media how they feel about the topic. Some people think it is disrespectful and others don’t think it is disrespectful to kneel for the flag.

    • Hey Drew,
      I loved reading your post, this is one of the most critical and yet true story in our life time. We say everyone has freedom of speech but when practicing it, it becomes a problem of racism, police brutality and so forth. Protest by athletes by kneeling down has became a highlight during 2017 and it’s still an issue today. Kaepernick kneeled during national anthem which marked the beginning of the protest and many other athletes followed. This articles was helpful http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000691077/article/colin-kaepernick-explains-why-he-sat-during-national-anthem

  • Rosalinda, I love that you seem so passionate about these topics and it seems to me that you will be the person to start the change. But, I am a bit confused about how these two topics intertwine with each other. I think that the best way to make sure that both of these subjects get the attention that they deserve you have to make them separate…[Read more]

  • Whitlee, I do believe that you have some privileges/advantages over people that go to public school. But, I don’t think that it is anything to be ashamed of. There isn’t anything you can do about the fact that that is true. You can only focus on the things that high school kids focus on such as, grades, sports, family, and friends. It is also hard…[Read more]

  • Luke, I would have to disagree with you. I believe that many people, including yourself, seem to miss the point of these silent and peaceful protests. They are not done to disrespect the flag or our military personnel, they are done to address the timeless problem of police officers that have and continue to mistreat black people. I feel that…[Read more]

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    “God I hate that word, it just makes my skin crawl.” When I think about my favorite word this is the first thing that comes to mind. The individual responsible for this is my aunt Sheila. It was a cool Than

    • Hi Drew, I agree with your point, I also carry a mutual dislike for the word, “moist”. I think this is a general opinion across most individuals and I believe this is due to the way this word rolls off the tongue. The hard “t” combined with the preceding “s” is a recipe for a nasty sounding word. I also believe this is due to the nature of objects that this word tends to describe. When someone hears this word, it triggers a response within their brain that begins to replay every terrible noise of chewing, stirring mac ‘n cheese, and all things moist that lurk in the depths of a person’s sensory memory. I found this article that you may find interesting: http://mentalfloss.com/article/64984/science-behind-why-people-hate-word-moist

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